Get your baskets ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to grandma’s house. Just kidding, we are going into the woods though with pop-star Hayley Kiyoko. Her newest single “Deep In The Woods” is her latest track off of her highly anticipated sophomore album PANORAMA releasing July 29 via Atlantic Records. Hayley has co-written the song and directed the very visual story-telling music video.

Hayley Kiyoko’s “Deep In the Woods” official music video

The song paints the picture of really connecting with someone and feeling like you’ll travel far to stay with them. Dive into your mind, do anything it takes to stay connected. “Deep In The Woods” reminds me a little of the phrase “going down the rabbit hole.” You keep going, looking, searching for all the excitement and it feels better the deeper you go. A very simple magical tone but packed with soul, meaning and love with an undeniable connection.

Deep in the Woods’ is a song that captures the feeling of instant connection, as if you’ve known someone forever even though you’ve only just met. It feels as if your entire being is haunted by their presence wherever you go. It’s that instantaneous moment of knowing you are willing to do anything to be with the one you love.

Hayley Kiyoko

I think the quote pretty much sums it up. This is the kind of love you eat, sleep and breathe. Reminds me a little of Bonnie and Clyde (hint hint, check out this article on a song all about the iconic duo). The lyrics really tie in the message of what Hayley is portraying about this relationship. She talks about being inside this persons’ head and that they need to come and find her. Hayley is fully emerged into this romance. Allowing every thought to be about this person and hoping the feeling is reciprocated. This is a love that will never escape you and even when it is long gone, you’ll always find yourself trickling back to that feeling hoping to find it again.

Panorama was announced last month when Hayley released an outrageous lead single “For The Girls” and it has all the bass. This song followed previous album tracks like “Chance” and the affirmation anthem “Found My Friends.” Now, we all know Hayley was little rebel Stella in Disney’s original film Lemonade Mouth and she has been an icon since. Very open about her life, her vocalness of being an LGBTQ+ member and making lots of women drool over with her spicy videos and songs. Who can blame them? Hayley is beautifully talented and really has secured her spot in the Hollywood industry.

Panorama Official Album Cover

Hayley will be celebrating Panorama joining Lauv as a special guest on his tour “All 4 Nothing Tour,” which kicks off August 11 at the armory in Minneapolis, MN. For all details and ticket information, click here.


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