Dallas’ very own Alexandra has released her first single in 2022 titled “Bonnie & Clyde” via State Fair Records. Step aside Romeo and Juliet, we have a new toxic couple to focus on. “Bonnie & Clyde” takes you on a journey of your typical love story of getting in the car with some hot guy speeding down the road with your hands up feeling free. Stepping out of your comfort zone for someone and not really understanding the type of hold they have on you. This relationship is thrilling but knowing it isn’t good for you. Alexandra mentions hiding behind the “pretty white lies” which makes it sound like she knows this relationship may not be the right one, but she just can’t shake the romanticism off.

“’Bonnie & Clyde’ explores what happens when you meet someone who makes you want to toss your ‘play it safe’ reputation out the window. It’s a relatable summer jam about blindly jumping into the shotgun seat if the driver is charismatic enough to convince you that it’ll be the ride of your life.”


Alex does a great job at explaining the reason why relationships like Bonnie and Clyde pull you in and captivate you. It’s exciting, it’s new, you ride or die for this person and that may not always be a good thing. Alexandra seems to have a type because she speaks on how every guy she likes says their favorite band is The 1975 (nice choice) and Alex sounds like she needs someone to say their favorite band is One Direction or The Beatles.

Alexandra’s Press Photos

Just acknowledging the picture, wow she is beautiful and definitely looks like she can play in an old school movie portraying miss Bonnie. Back to the song, it has speed, smoking cigarettes, a reference to “Grease” and the cops riding the cars tail because it’s going 95 miles. Even has a nice guitar riff that helps carry out the end of the song. How’s that for a thrill? Maybe everyone needs that once in a lifetime electric relationship…or maybe not, whatever makes you happy. Maybe don’t do what Bonnie and Clyde did. How about trying bungee jumping, that’ll give you and your partner a thrill. Whatever you want to do, listen to the song, so Alexandra can carry you through the feelings of a wild relationship that keeps you in a chokehold.

Alexandra has been taking 2022 by storm playing shows in the DFW area, Texas Music Revolution festival and multiple performances at The National building in Downtown Dallas. She has more singles planned to come out in the remainder of the year, so make sure to keep your eyes and ears out for any new music this indie-pop singer releases.

Listen to the song down below and immersive yourself into the Bonnie and Clyde love story that Alexandra paints for you. Enjoy!

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
Follow my socials or feel free to tag me if you post my reviews! Insta:toniann_romeo Twitter:toniannromeo_

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