Caamp Continues To Rise With ‘Lavender Days’ Following July 2nd CBS Saturday Morning Performance

Album Art/Lavender Days

Following the release of Lavender Days, Caamp’s melancholic, dreamscape of simplicity, the Columbus-bred folk fusion has been on the rise towards the top–spreading life’s simple pleasures as they go along. As a record of earthly exultation and rusty plucks above the western folk blueprint, it was bound to render a nostalgia for life in the future yet peace in the past–an ethereal combination of somber reflection.

In a conversation about the album’s title Taylor Meier said, “It’s nostalgic. It can remind you of your grandmother’s perfume or maybe the air freshener in your mom’s car. It can summon up all of these incredible memories and transport you to those in-between days, which I think everybody remembers with more clarity than the big events.” By virtue of its boundless interpretation, the record has surpassed its expectations, making deep waves in the industry since its entrance on June 24th.

In addition to amassing the likes of the meditative-introspectives, the record sprung through multiple Top 10 and Top 200 charts including Billboard and Americana Music. Within the Top 10 charts it has graced 4 different categories including indie, alternative, americana, and vinyl as well as #2 on Americana’s Top Album Chart–showcasing the records versatility and genre-bending effect. It has also held a Top 20 position on Spotify’s US Album Debut Chart and from there the albums brilliance was dissected for further praise.

One of the projects favored tracks “Believe” has since held a 5-week run at #1 on Americana‘s Top 100 Singles Chart and currently sits at #9 where it sparked a yearning for a live performance. On July 2nd Caamp dignified the stage for a second time on CBS Saturday Morning. If you missed it, check out the clips below.

Live Performance of “Believe”

Live Performance of “Fever”

Live Performance of “The Otter”

In lieu of their recent success Caamp has conquered the road and they’re covering it in the in-between spirit of tranquility. In a larger than ever headline tour, Caamp will amount to stages of their dreams including, Nationwide Arena in Ohio accompanied by The Heartless Bastards, Futurebirds, Houndmouth, Trampled by Turtles, Jade Bird, Parker Louis, Bahamas, Speaking Suns and Cous. For ticket details visit here and continue to listen to Lavender Days here.

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