Earlier this year, Washington local band Kings Kaleidoscope brought forth their take on this year’s events with a fresh EP, titled Power Perfect.

The album is a short three tracks, but it is packed with the tools to get us through the rest of 2020 and quarantine; three songs with three very different messages.


The first track, “Power Perfect,” is a track of claiming your own authority against fear, hopelessness, and panic. With a pandemic changing the world as we know it, many of us have been left feeling the weight of being locked in our homes for over nine months. Suicides, substance abuse, and domestic violence are up at record rates. 

Kings Kaleidoscope seems to deeply understand the power of the musical word. This single evokes the hope we are yearning for, empowering and enlightening the mind with tools against darkness as we stay in our homes and focus on introspective matters.

We have the power in who we are to fight against depression and addiction; the evil that lurks in shadows; sometimes all we need is a push to hope for better again. Kings Kaleidoscope is that for me; with its high energy and uplifting sound.


Featuring Propaganda and some absolutely powerful R&B lyrics, “WDYKAG” is the ultimate track fighting against hypocrisy in religion. As we face times provoking a new form of justice against the enemies, Kings Kaleidoscope takes a new perspective on the matter and lashes out on those who claim to be of love, joy, peace, and grace; and in reality have shown nothing but ugliness this year in particular. Those people may think that they’re acting out of righteousness but are instead acting out of self interest and pride. For in the hypocrisy, those who act on their own for the sake of justice seem to forget that it isn’t their role; a higher power promises to bring justice to those who’ve been wronged, peace to the wars waging in our hearts. 


Concluding the short EP, “The Other Side,” fills the soul with peace with the string elements, alluring vocals, and simple lyrics of hope and love. On the other side of this darkness is light and hope and justice for those who have been wronged. “The Other Side” is the push and the voice telling you to keep pushing on against the weight of darkness filled in our times. 

Though Power Perfect is short, it is absolutely packed with uplifting messages well-suited for our year as we struggle against the forces of darkness and yearn for further exposure against the evils in our world. Kings Kaleidoscope uses their [authority] and crafted a few songs that will surely get me through the rest of this year as we face part two of lockdowns in the United States.

Stream the EP in full on Spotify:

The Power Perfect EP is available on Spotify! Stream now.

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