In a year that feels closer to a century, Sander van Dijck, better known as San Holo, knew 2020 needed an empowering track to provide an opportunity for self love and building community— and he did it with only four letters.

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Too often in today’s society, we are fighting to keep our heads above water. Between personal hardships, navigating a global pandemic, and desperate for genuine, honest conversations, it is easier than ever before to feel isolated. Send in San.

His latest release “bb u ok?” is a dreamy, electronic bop with a guitar riff that reminds us to not only check in on ourselves, but also on each other. This song also includes a solid balance of analog synthesizers, 808 drums, and lo-fi guitar sounds that provide a pedestal for the three-word vocal chops. The love and affection are best described by a word San uses to describe the feeling of great energy: vibrant.

San Holo’s quote regarding staying vibrant.

The Dutch DJ wrote: “Staying vibrant became a part of my mindset. Of course, not all days are equally vibrant… Embracing the fact that life is all about ups and downs is very important.

Telling people how you feel is not always easy. When I try to express what I really feel, words rarely seem to capture the essence. Most feelings are so much bigger than words could ever describe. Using the (vibrancy) percentage % seems like the perfect way to express how I feel without putting it into words.”

San created a Happy Holodays Calendar to his website for a fun “25 Days Til Christmas” promotion series. Ever since the release of “bb u ok?” he has announced a cute new Instagram filter, a fun TikTok challenge, as well as a 500-person Christmas giveaway. *San-ta* says, “This entire month is Happy Holodays month!” Keep checking back in daily for more updates.

“bb u ok?” is a colorful embrace for every human needing an extra touch of love this year. Wrap yourself up in the positive energy it brings or send it to a loved one this week.

You can stream San Holo’s newest release “bb u ok?” via our Electro Waves playlist on Spotify!

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  • Kyle Hislip
    2 years ago Reply

    Underneath the seeming simplistic song structure is all the gravitas of the moment, maybe even a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks for putting San Holo on my music radar. I look forward to you sharing more of these artistic treasures !

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