This week, we are featuring tracks of many different genres; all running with the theme of pushing back against negativity and moving on. Check them out!

“Far Away,” by Trenox: A chill house track that will both get you dancing on your feet and feeling productive and inspired to create.

“Renege,” by Kenny Sharp: a beautiful acoustic soul track with R&B roots. The music video is sweet and the songwriting sets the soul alight with hope and wonder.

“Dead2Me,” by Snap Dibz: A conscious hip hop track about an abandoned friendship. Shameless and raw, the lyrics will rip your heart wide open.

“Smiling Ghost,” by Card Reader: a track reminiscent of the early 2010’s rock scene. Coming from their fresh EP, Mental Scars, the song inspires through using the scars from your past to build your greatest armor and weapon as you navigate through life.

“Mean It,” by Rebecca Helena: this track is simply catchy; harmonies haunting the brain and vocals crisp and clear. The song embodies a sound fans of Lorde would be proud to hear.

“2020 is Over,” by Scoobert Doobert: the perfect anthem of this year, giving us positive vibes all while addressing the mess that is 2020.

“Me Myself & I,” by Emily Angell: an electronic trap/pop track, this song addresses those who have wronged Emily in the past and uses the experiences to channel her desire for success. The beat is catchy and message inspirational.

Here are some of the albums on our radar right now.

King’s Kaleidoscope’s Power Perfect EP: The album is a short three tracks, but it is packed with the tools to get us through the rest of 2020 and quarantine; three songs with three very different messages. Read our full album review here!

YUNGBLUD’s brand new album, “weird!”: This latest release has been highly anticipated by fans around the world. The album is full of uplifting and emotional tracks of self acceptance and growing up.

Which track was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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