KILLBOY Drops “LOSER” And Announces Fall Tour With Sueco

Vocal powerhouse KILLBOY did not hold back in her latest single “LOSER.” One thing to note about KILLBOY is that she will deliver raw talent and unapologetic lyrics, which is what she did in this track produced by John Feldman (Avril Lavigne and Blink-182).

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KILLBOY is breaking out into this industry and she’s doing it the right way–choosing to break into it by embracing her authentic self and having her music match her true personality. Like she does in her other tracks like “Daddy Issues” and “U + Me,” KILLBOY undresses in this track (metaphorically, not literally) in a way that catches the listener by surprise by presenting things how they are. In his track, she constantly refers to herself as a loser, which her music proves she’s not.

“I’m just going to keep doing what I enjoy. That’s what being KILLBOY is all about. I love the music I’m making and I hope it gives people the freedom to do whatever the fuck they want at all times.”


Throughout the song, she’s bringing forth this intense energy, and the instrumentation behind her matches the same amount of energy to make “LOSER” of her most powerful songs. There are great dynamics that contribute to the song’s intensity and vibrance. There are parts where KILLBOY gets a bit grungy with her vocals yet also leaves room to showcase her smoother vocal skills. Towards the end, the female powerhouse’s voice and backing vocals take center stage while the instrumentals pause and the harmonies illuminate—an incredible part of the track.

If KILLBOY can emit that amount of energy through someone’s headphones, there’s no telling what the exact energy level will be while on her fall “It Was Fun While It Lasted” Tour with Sueco. In September and October, KILLBOY will tour with Sueco and perform all over North America (minus a couple of states). The tour starts September 13 in Dallas and ends October 29 in Vancouver. Tickets can be bought online.

KILLBOY is blooming as an artist and has proved she’s a star to watch out for. Give “LOSER” a listen!

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