What Is Playlist Push?

Are you an independent artist? Are you trying to get your songs heard by playlist curators? Try a two week campaign with Playlist Push!

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What It Is

Playlist Push, founded in 2017, helps artists get their music on non-Spotify branded playlists. Not only that, but they give playlist curators the opportunity and ability to monetize their playlists. But you might already be asking: how does that work? Well, I’ll tell you.

How It Works

When you run a campaign, your song will be sent to a targeted group of independent playlist curators. At the time of application, the service will ask for your song, artist hometown, social links, and genre. During your two-week campaign, curators will receive your song and have the opportunity to accept or decline it. It’s important to note that curators are not incentivized or even required to add a song to their playlist, so a campaign doesn’t always equate to placement.

How does the service get to a playlist that is appropriate for your genre, though? After submitting your application, you can schedule your campaign. This process starts with selecting “3-5 artists that are most similar to your song’s style.” After you select those artists, Playlist Push will populate a whole list of genres for targeting. You have the option to remove any genre you feel isn’t a great fit, and they will also suggest other genres that may work below that list. That’s when you select your plan’s pricing and determine the campaign’s start date.

Pricing can range from as low as $300 (except for a TikTok campaign, which can only go as low as $380) to $1,000+. It all depends on the number of playlists you want to try to reach. Each genre is priced differently as well, since some genres have more playlists. As you add additional genres, the campaign price will increase with the total number of playlists targeted. 

At the end of the two weeks your campaign runs for, you receive a full dashboard of information. This includes Playlist Adds, Artist Followers, Monthly Listeners, and Spotify Popularity metrics as well as the opportunity to respond to each review from the curators who received your song. While the length of your song’s stay on a playlist is up to the discretion of the curator, it could stay there for longer than the two week campaign. Again, though, this is up to the discretion of the curator.

Benefits For Artists

For an independent artist with a bit of money, Playlist Push seems like a no-brainer. While the cost is high, each campaign gives the opportunity for artist growth and fanbase expansion. If a song is not accepted by a curator, they give you written feedback to explain how you can improve. If a song is accepted by a curator, Playlist Push monitors that curator’s legitimacy to ensure that you’re gaining legitimate followers, not just bots. If a curator is found to be violating their terms of service, you will be informed. 

Benefits For Curators

For a qualified curator, Playlist Push pays for each review. You aren’t required to add a song to your playlist to get paid. You get the opportunity to support indie artists and provide feedback on their songs, and to make it even better: you can request a payout at any time. Playlist Push pays directly into a curator’s bank account, so there’s no need to worry about a middle man. Essentially, the service pays curators to review music. Anything additional (adding songs to your playlists, follower growth, etc.) is just a bonus.


If you’re an artist interested in using Playlist Push but are worried about the cost, use our code to get 7.5% off your first campaign! If you’re an artist interested and not worried about the cost, congratulations! You can also use our code to get 7.5% off. Our code is: TWM8QR4. Playlist Push is an excellent service, and we can’t wait to hear your stories from it!

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Andrew Gardner Administrator
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