Alvvays’ Release First Track Off Their Upcoming Album, “Pharmacist”

After a five-year inevitable hiatus, five-piece band Alvvays is back with a couple of released singles from their upcoming album Blue Rev, “Pharmacist” will be the first track. A new sound is apparent in “Pharmacist” with a contrast between Molly Rankin’s vocals and the rest of the band. While they don’t necessarily stray from their familiar dreamy sound, it’s noticeable that their sound has a bit of a bite to it.

And you can’t blame the band for adapting a new, fuller sound. Again, it has been five years, and in those years Alvvays had to endure the lockdown, stolen demos from Molly’s apartment, and damaged equipment-the causes of the band’s hiatus. While their situation was unfortunate, they succeeded in returning with a banger. And now that we have a taste of their new sound, we can look forward to more releases.
The band was most likely ready to get their music back out in a banging way. “Pharmacist” is only a taste of what Blue Rev will serve us and, from the sound of the track, they’re headed in a great direction. The track provides a new and exciting vibe, especially from the mind-blowing guitar solo at the end. The song is very much gratifying because of the contrast between the lead vocals and instrumentals. Molly’s voice emits a calming yet happy mood, and the instrumentals swarming her amp up the happy nature of the track.

Single cover

Although their comeback happened later than expected, it’s exciting that the band is “making it up” to the audience by giving a new sound to their upcoming album. The album is expected to be available on October 7. Alvvays will be going on their fall tour starting in October. The first show will occur on October 14 in Chicago, and their tour will end on November 18 in Boston. One of their special guests is Slow Pulp.

Check out to see if they’re playing near you and grab those tickets here!

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