Kid Travis Gives Us “Butterflies”

On February 4th, American icon Kid Travis gave us a fantastic new single. “Butterflies” is about meeting your significant other’s dad and all of the feelings that come with that encounter. With his sweet, Weeknd-esque vocals, Kid Travis gets the point across that this is a stressful meeting because of how much he cares about the woman in question, and the production is so calming that it’s impossible not to sway with the groove and let the guitars and autotuned vocals – T-Pain autotune, not the bad kind – wash over you. 

“Butterflies” Artwork

The lyrics on this track are nice. The line “never mix love with anxiety” is advice I think we can all take. The storytelling ability Kid Travis is able to showcase in just under three minutes is outstanding. However, the production on this is what really needs to be spoken about.

The guitars on this track sound immaculate. While the drum groove kicks everything off and it’s incredibly tight and smooth, when the guitars kick in, this song becomes something special. The harmonies within the overlapping guitar lines are strong enough to reduce grown men to tears, and that’s not even mentioning the production of the vocals on this thing. The autotune is used to perfection, and the vocal harmonies are almost as good as those guitar harmonies. That’s how good the guitar harmonies are. 

I mentioned earlier that the vocals are Weeknd-esque, and I stand by that. This track sounds like a mix of Post Malone’s more guitar-centered work and Abel Tesfaye’s best vocal performances (though, admittedly, Abel doesn’t use autotune like this). Kid Travis started off making covers on YouTube, but his original work is absolutely phenomenal. While he wears his influences on his sleeve, it works for him. I can’t wait to hear more.

Check out “Butterflies” below, and let us know what you think about Kid Travis!

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