talker’s Newest Single Is On Point When Discussing “My Meds”

Ok, so maybe she isn’t talking about my meds specifically, but on February 23rd, Los Angeles-based indie rock artist talker – the solo project of Celeste Tauchar – released her new single “My Meds.” For such a personal topic, the song feels universal, and it sounds absolutely incredible. The lyrics are poignant, and they don’t try to portray medication as a perfect, magical, catch-all solution to mental illness, instead opting to present them as they really are: a tool to make the suffering a bit easier while figuring out coping mechanisms (which may or may not include said medication).

“My Meds” Artwork

On the song, Tauchar has said, “‘My Meds’ is a song about losing yourself in the process of trying to get better. Leveling yourself out just enough so that you’re not sinking, but you’re also just treading water. When I made the demo, I intentionally didn’t use any guitars. I figured the song was about the crutches we lean on, and I didn’t want to use the guitar as a crutch either. That opened up this whole new world of ethereal production and playing with new ways to express myself. I took it to my friend James Sunderland of FRENSHIP to produce it, and because we wanted to capture such a specific feeling, it took like five or six months for us to finish it. Every time we would work on it, we couldn’t capture the right moment, or we couldn’t find the perfect sonic landscape. But eventually, we found it – the final vocal is actually me in my room, lying on my floor recording myself. There’s a voice memo piano recording throughout. I think that rawness combined with James’ evocative and pulsating production creates this perfect palette for a song about trying to come back to life.”

It’s worth noting just how important that first part is. The song portrays medication as both a positive and negative force, and that’s not something that has been done very frequently. As for working without guitars for the demo and using minimal guitars in the final mix, I think that suits talker more than massive guitar epics. “My Meds” works because of its, to steal the word, “ethereal” production, and adding more guitars to that soundscape would lessen the effect.

Overall, “My Meds” is an incredible track about coping with mental illness. With its incredible production, poignant lyrics, and talker’s excellent vocal performance, “My Meds” is sure to garner Tauchar some much-deserved attention on her solo endeavors. Check it out below and let us know what you think!

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