Don’t “blink” At Sister Void’s New Track

All puns aside, on Valentine’s Day, “Los Angeles based and SoCal born and raised music video director/musician” Lindsey Nico Mann released her project Sister Void’s first new single of 2022. “blink” is a song about “fleeting love, life being short, and trying to see it all before you can’t or go blind.” While that might sound incredibly depressing, Sister Void uses her shoegaze and ethereal post-punk sensibilities to create a sound that is very similar to The Cure: the subject matter of the lyrics might be rooted in some depressing topics, but the sound makes you want to sway in a crowded arena with strangers that are likely to become friends.

Sister Void

On the song, Sister Void has said, “‘Blink’ is about love for me and embracing our vulnerabilities enough to take a chance on it. I wrote this from a personal place but it’s obviously open to the interpretation of others and what it means to them without dictating any sort of narrative. It reminds me of the passing of time and trying to hold onto it / chase it before it escapes you, like trying to hop on a plane a minute before take off or acting on creative inspiration the moment before it slips from you. Time and life move so quickly that you barely get to blink before it’s over sometimes. It feels like a flash, a blip in time, a tv glitch, a supernova that flashes in the night sky the moment you happen to look up. It makes me think of how we can spend so much time dwelling over yesterday when we can just be running off into the weeds and enjoying the present instead. The lyrics say, “This could be the end, tied up in your hands, blink quick not yet blind, I wanna see you again” – as in, this could be the end of the line for me and I just simply want to see you again. I think of talking late at night on the phone about existential dread and life with your lover. Wanting to see as much as I can see in case / if/before I go quite literally blind and get old. Like that fervor and heat of love when you fall into a sensual infatuation with one another. When you’re just beginning to explore one another in intimacy and that intoxicating closeness. And yet, the point where you’re hanging on to love to still make it work after awhile. Where you might have to shake some dust off of old traumas or rough spots to get back to enjoying the simple pleasure of love itself.”

The lyrics beg the question “where do we go when we die,” but the sonic landscape begs the question “is this what heaven sounds like?” The lyrics say “I want to see you again,” and the guitars say “Absolutely, just name a time and place.” “blink” is an excellent amalgamation of seemingly conflicting ideas and sounds to create something that is reminiscent of the golden era that was the 80s. Excellent stuff here from Lindsey Nico Mann.

Check out “blink” below, and let us know what you think!

Andrew Gardner Administrator
Obsessed with all things music. Currently finishing an MFA in Chicago. If you see me at a show, say hey!
Andrew Gardner Administrator
Obsessed with all things music. Currently finishing an MFA in Chicago. If you see me at a show, say hey!

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