Jolie Goodnight, singer for Jolie & The Jackalopes did not have a typical childhood. As the daughter of iconic Radio Pioneer Joe Gracey and Singer/Songwriter Kimmie Rhodes, she was immersed in a world that very few ever get to experience. Growing up on tour buses, raised primarily around musicians she would eventually blend the elements of Country, Rockabilly and Americana into her own unique sound.  On November 1st, Jolie will be debuting her first collection of self-penned songs in the form of First Time Again. The album, recorded in Austin Texas at Sunbird Studios by Gabriel Rhodes is a journey into the world of what she calls “Cosmicbilly”. I had the pleasure of catching Jolie and her Jackalopes a couple months ago at Sam’s Burger Joint in San Antonio and when I found out they would be releasing a new album I just had to check it out. 

The album beings with “She’s too High” a song that has been stuck in my head since the first time hearing it. Filled with steel guitars and saxophones it’s an old school tune that is sure to get people moving. The song is about an empowered badass of a woman, which may, in fact, be an autobiographical number that reflects the personality of Jolie herself. The album then shifts moods a bit in “First Time Again” and “Sad & Lonely” two songs that touch upon the ups and downs of love.

“Creature Undercover” is an absolute dance floor burner of a song. The most uptempo song on this album, whenever I hear it, I can’t help but envision couples spinning around the dancefloor at breakneck speed. This entire album is danceable whether its swing or Texas two-step, you simply can’t help but feel compelled to move. Songs like “Crown to Wear” and “Deep in Love” are the type of straight-up Old School style country songs that you could hear at almost any Honkey Tonk bar in Texas.

My favorite song on this album is “Maybe it’s wrong” a song I believe, truly showcases the vocal talents of Jolie. It’s a beautiful and touching song that really hits you on an emotional level. Giving me the same type of chills as when I listen to Patsy Cline. Lyrically, it’s got a message that most people can relate to, in that sometimes when things don’t work out, maybe they just aren’t the right things.

Overall, this is a wonderful debut for Jolie & The Jackalopes. It’s uplifting and fun and while this genre of music may never be considered “mainstream” again, wonderful talents like Jolie & The Jackalopes are keeping the heart of it alive. I say, take a chance and expand your musical horizons with First time again you will be glad you did.


  • Derek Jones


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