Men haven’t always been the best communicators. In many relationships, the woman will have expressed her feelings far smoother. On those occasions when a guy did share his emotions, there’s a good chance he lacked the tools to do so effectively.

With “Mood Ring”, pop-country duo Maddie & Tae went in on dudes who erred on the side of sharing too much.

Whenever these guys were in their feelings, a not inconsiderable amount of time, mind you, the words came out filter-free. Rather than internally processing emotions first, they forced the ladies into sounding boards. As Maddie & Tae sang…

“…Boy, you’re just a mood ring, Always in a mood swing, Can’t make up your mind about a damn thing, Emotions go from yellow, red to purple, Got me drivin’ ‘round in circles with your highs and lows, The way you hold me tight then let me go, I tried wearin’ it, but now I know, 1993, it ain’t my kinda bling, Boy, you’re just a mood ring…”    

-maddie & Tae

In their minds, these wannabee gentlemen probably felt like they were being progressive. As though they were opening up in ways in which none of Maddie & Tae’s exes had. That their honesty was welcomed and would be championed.

For the duo, these mood shifts came across like their boyfriends wanted to be coddled. They were incapable of balancing out themselves. In response, each of the ladies effectively said, ‘I ain’t yer mama!’

“…I kinda wish I kept my receipt, ‘Cause wishy-washy just ain’t my speed, The way you switch on me like that, It makes me want my money back…”

-maddie & tae

Dealing with delusional dudes hellbent on being energy-sucking vampires, as opposed to, you know, boyfriends, listeners can safely presume that the ladies moved on. On to men interested in an adult partnership.

Official audio can be found below! 

“Mood Ring” by Maddie & Tae

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