Memphis rapper Don Trip, who recently released an album They Don’t Love You, kicked off his One Night Only tour with a show in Nashville at EXIT/IN. Don Trip featured guest artists 2LiveBre, Bentley, Pif, Fooley, Mobsquad Nard, and Trapperman Dale as a build up to his performance. The event overall was energy-packed and well worth the attendance.

The opening artist 2’Live Bre, who represents Nashville, succeeded in starting the show off right. He and his stage counterpart, Klumsy, warmed the audience up with songs and dancing that made it nearly impossible to not nod along. His stage presence was engaging and exciting to be a witness of. 2’Live Bre recently released an album titled 2’Live, from which he performed songs.

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Pif, who is from Memphis, followed with a very hype set. Every song he did was recited with pure passion and flame. Being in the audience, one could quite literally feel his intensity through his bass-synchronized stomps and fierce vocals. As what I perceive to be a tip of the hat to Don Trip, Pif performed his verse off of their collaborative song ‘Turn Up On Em’.

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Other opening artists included Bentley and Fooley, who contributed to the overall atmosphere of the night with their live performances.

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Don Trip One Night Only Tour-68Mobsquad Nard, rapper from Duval County, Florida, showed out for Nashville. The energy he provides on his recorded releases which is that of fast-paced, consistently impressive raps was matched by his live performance. He performed songs from his recent album I’m Serious, most notably the song ‘Bout My Bi’niss’, during which Red Dot, an artist featured on the song, appeared on stage with a microphone and performed his verse. This interaction between the two on stage was organic and very thrilling to see.

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Trapperman Dale, a Nashville-based rapper, was the final guest artist. With support from DJ Logan Garrett, he came out on the stage to ‘Gone’, the first song from his summer 2019 album Dale Chapo. I thought this was cool because of the parallelism between the song serving as an introduction to both his album and his performance this night. From the moment of the first bass drop and onwards, the whole crowd was enthusiastic about his music. Trapperman Dale later treated the audience by revealing his single ‘Dog House’ which he said is going to drop on November 1st.

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Soon after Trapperman Dale’s set was over, the lights dimmed and the smoke machine went in overdrive. Don Trip’s song ‘2 Magazines’ from his 2018 album Christopher started playing and then followed Don Trip’s appearance on stage in time to rap the lyrics. Being the main event, Don Trip’s presence was met with enthusiastic reactions from those who attended to see him. His fans who made up the majority, if not all, of the crowd were ecstatic and in tune with his performance throughout the whole of it.

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Although a majority of the songs he performed were from his two 2019 albums Don’t Feed the Guerillas and the more recent They Don’t Love You, Don Trip also threw it back to as early as 2013 with material from the Stepbrothers 2 album, a collaborative project with Nashville rapper Starlito. The final song of the night was ‘Caesar & Brutus’, featured on Stepbrothers 2, to which Starlito was introduced on stage for his parts of the song. Starlito’s appearance was quite a treat for those who are familiar with the rap duo – their live rehearsal together sparked flames within me.

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The well-anticipated night one of Don Trip’s One Night Only tour was absolutely awesome to be a part of. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to cover it.

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Written by Caleb Putman

Photography by @stargirlshoots

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