Coming in hot with some soulful grooves on vibraphone and a chill beat, Jello Vibes shares his first release of 2021, “Forgotten Tomorrows.” Released under Philly’s only independent Synth & Soul label and production outfit Eraserhood Sound, this track boasts funky synth and guitar chords, samples from outer space, and beautiful arpeggio melodies.

As the old adage goes, there’s no guarantee of tomorrow. “Forgotten Tomorrows” makes me think of this, but it also offers a fresh perspective. The song makes me feel like sunshine is beaming down my face and wind blowing through my hair. It’s easy to get swept up in the heat of things, feel down trodden by the intense energies of the current world’s state, but if we just sit back, relax and breathe, we can remember that there’s always a new day ahead of us. “Forgotten Tomorrows” is a remembrance of better days.

Jello Vibes is the music project of insanely talented and well-rounded mallet player Angelo Outlaw. He spent many years in Nashville, TN performing, competing and teaching in the marching percussion arts realm, with highly acclaimed front ensembles, such as Music City Mystique. He has since made a homecoming, returning to the city he grew up, Philadelphia, PA, reconnecting to his origins and diving deeper into his love for mallet percussion.

This creative mastermind and brilliant soul gets his unique sound from his malletSTATION, allowing for plenty of creativity to jam out on some keys over laid down tracks. “Forgotten Tomorrows” is four and a half minutes of straight instrumental vibes, and is currently chillin’ at the top of our Lo-Fi Lounge playlist!

If you like this song, be sure to check out Jello Vibes’ 9-track album Uneven Contact, and his collaborative work with Hibernation entitled The Jello & Jaice EP, both released in 2020.

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