In a society that often loves to categorize and put everything into genres, Colson Baker, better known as Machine Gun Kelly, has given the middle finger to creative labels. Nothing new from the Ohio-born musician whose rap debut already had him accustomed to naysayers. Colson continues against the current with ease and panache as he creates a visual to his pop punk album “Tickets To My Downfall,” aptly named Downfalls High. The visual,  written and directed by Colson Baker and MOD SUN, centers around the high school romance of Fenix James (bullied rocker played by Chase Hudson) and Scarlet Smith (sweet popular girl played by Sydney Sweeney).

An angsty 90’s romantic comedy feel with a dramatic ending, Downfalls High gives you the nostalgia of that first crush/love that seemed improbable but just meshed. The love story plays out and is interwoven with performances from MGK, Travis Barker and guests that animate the album. Notes slid into lockers, slushies thrown, food smacked,,mean girls, running through sprinklers across the  football field, the scene is set.. Thus a pop punk musical is born! 

The story hastily takes a turn at the halfway point of the album; it  confronts Fenix with the harsh truth that, “Life sucks everywhere  bro!” Pain spurs creativity, which our creator Fenix discovers to express his creativity in new means.

A colorful yet somber tell, Downfalls High is an interesting look into the creative mind of Colson Baker as he continues to expand into new avenues and take the wheel. If you connected to the album then Downfalls High will expand on that.

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