Laura Hyde Gives “Coca Cola” a New Meaning in Newest Single

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Alt-tronica singer/songwriter, Laura Hyde, melts subdued electronic textures, sparse beats and infectious vocals and works it in a dark pop realm. Hailing from Northern Sydney, her bold and reflective songwriting navigates through personal lessons and human relationships that hit on an emotional and physical level. She collaborates frequently with Jordi White to create an ethereal experience, taking classical and acoustic styles and reimagining them through an electronic prism with quirky alt-pop sensibilities.

Laura has previously played Woodford Folk Festival and Bello Winter Music Festival. She’s also toured with BOO Seeka and Canadian legends, The East Pointers. Her previous single, “Bliss,” garnered some playlisting action on Apple Music and Spotify and was added to editorial playlists and featured on international music blogs and influential playlists. 

In her newest single, “Coca Cola,” listeners can experience the dark pop elements Laura is known for while also bearing witness to the new heights she has reached with the song’s execution. Laura wanted to write about a concept that sounded promising on the surface, but was destructive and harmful beneath. What started as a one-lined voice memo turned into a full-blown track that signifies standing up for those who have been mistreated and don’t feel strong enough to stand up for themselves.

Throughout the song, Laura calls out someone who has been covering their tracks. Her alluring vocals, though tainted with the distaste of dishonesty, build over a fierce guitar-backed beat. Haunting melodies soar in the background, punctuated by snaps and percussive slaps. As the song swells, the instrumental becomes slightly distorted and a guitar riff leads into a powerful chorus where Laura shows off her vocal talents. She lets the deceiver know that she sees them, noticing the subtle hints like their movements and their smile. And she lets them know they won’t get away with it. On the surface, the deceiver is sweet like Coca Cola but like the soda which causes cavities, they are toxic and hurtful underneath that saccharine disguise.

In the end, the truth always comes out. Even if you don’t think you’ll be heard, you will be. And people’s true colors will be shown.

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Elena Lin Administrator
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