Jacuzzi Jefferson’s “emagudu” Is Epic Beyond Belief

Photo Credits: Quinn Ryan

When you combine alternative rap giants Lil B and Mr. Muthaf*&kin eXquire in a single, what do you get? If you answered “Emagudu,” then you would be right. Titled after a forest named Emagudu, or “the home of the dead”, the song brings forward killer textures thanks to the intricate production-work of Jacuzzi Jefferson. Collaborating for the first time also, Lil B and eXquire put their talents on full display, providing epic flows and thoughtful lyricism into each verse we have the privilege to listen to. Currently out now, here is an inside look at what makes this track so great.

Using a sample from soul surplus, Jefferson time stretches, reverses, and pitches up the main melody to create that iconic sound we hear in the single. Mixed with a pinch of bass and fuzzy overtones, this backdrop perfectly aligns with the first verse, where eXquire belts an incredibly inspiring flow. Effortlessly fast, eXquire’s rapping leads us to the catchy hook where “we are the stars” is sung on repeat. Introduced also at this stage is the horn section played by Yuri Villar which provides a lot of atmosphere and feel to the tune. Carried over to Lil B’s verse, these horns stir well with the rap artist’s seriously smooth vocal style. Before we know it, a conglomeration of jazz, hip-hop, and singing infiltrates our ears and creates a dopamine-rich ending that is both satisfying and introspective.

Although Jacuzzi Jefferson’s upcoming album is being released on August 5th, you can listen to the LP’s lead single here. For more news, be sure to stay tuned to Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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