Go Back to the Roots in Children of the Sün’s “Blood Boils Hot”

March 18, 2022 saw the release of “Blood Boils Hot,” a rootsy folk-rock song by Children of the Sün. The single follows humanity’s reincarnation to the woods, making the statement that when satellites and TV’s stops working, we will naturally find ourselves in nature. It comes from the band’s sophomore album Roots, accompanying other releases such as “Gaslighting,” which we reviewed here.

Children of the Sün state themselves as the band that has finally managed to recreate the feeling of love, nature and rock from the late 60’s. Inspired by Janis Joplin, Rival Sons and Hozier, they embody both the carefree and reflective sides of classic rock music with folk-vibes. Following their 2018 success in the Swedish music competition Livekarusellen, the band released a self-titled EP and later came under the wing of The Sign Records. They released their first full-length album Flowers in 2019, which was received with great love from their audience.

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A low piano plays, a tambourine offers a pleasant jingle, and off in the distance, you hear the faint noise of an owl’s hoot. This is how “Blood Boils Hot” begins, very easy to take in, yet it sets the mood of the rest of the track effortlessly. Elegant vocals introduce a steady drum and background choir as it speaks of surrendering to nature, letting go of our manmade possessions and returning to where we were created. With a groovy guitar joining the fray about a minute in, a lyric found to be most substantial is as such: “branches are broken by people in suits, forget all about it, go back to the roots.” This specifically highlights how we have heavily betrayed earth and it’s bounties. Day by day, it offers a plethora of resources to us, yet day by day we continue to be inconsiderate to what we have been given. “Blood Boils Hot” speaks on a sensitive topic in such a masterful and beautiful way, just the sound of the song itself can be enough to change a person’s perspective completely.

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