Inner Circle Club Shocks With ‘Jetpack Dracula’

There’s this saying that life is stranger than fiction. For the most part, this statement is as real as it gets. In a way, it’s like seeing our dreams, fantasies and hidden desires come into fruition right before our eyes. What comes next is a glee filled sigh and a brand new discovery to keep us going. But with that comes a flip side that’s too nightmarish to even put into words. One that will makes us fold in fear, and regret the choices we’ve made.

Whether that’s an outright strange event, or a chance encounter with non human entities. These occurrences are sure to change the course of our lives forever. They open our eyes that evil is just as tangible as the good. Much like how it’s illustrated in Atlanta based indie rock duo Inner Circle and their latest song ‘Jetpack Dracula’. Released last March 17th in all major streaming platforms via Pariah Record Company. It’s a calmingly eerie track that talks of a Dracula in a jetpack and it’s goal to haunt your every living moment. Mwahahaha!

Out to make an indelible mark in our minds from its title alone. Inner Circle Club’s ‘Jetpack Dracula’ uses the imagery of a Dracula in a jetpack as a metaphor for inescapable situations and individuals. Like the actual Dracula, stopping is never an option. It will keep on gnawing you unless you give in and allow it to suck you bone dry. Draining you of all the blood, life and motivation that you have till you’re left as a husk of your former self. Ahh the agony!

To warn rather than to glorify, Inner Circle Club’s ‘Jetpack Dracula’ brings such harsh reality to our attention in a creative way. Through the use of mythical beings and excellent musicality, they remind us that we should watch our emotions and where we place our trust in. Through excellent vocals, dizzyingly superb instrumentals and otherworldly vibe, Inner Circle Club points out that we should have self awareness at all times. While being nice and kind is a great thing, there are people out there who will use that for personal gain. That’s an alarming fact far more sinister, than a Dracula in a jetpack.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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