A Brand New Day Begins In Andy Early’s ‘Keep On Rising’

Rising is something we all share as part of this universe. Together with us humans, flora, fauna, the sun and many others it’s an inevitable part of living. It’s one of the signs that we are all interwoven into this complex circle of life. A sweet tangible reminder that we are all put here for a bigger purpose. But in order to find out what that is exactly, first we must rise literally and figuratively.

Like a strong ocean tide, this message hits hard in Australian based artist Andy Early in his song ‘Keep On Rising’. Released last March 30th in major streaming platforms via Cyber Nomad Records. It’s a track that urges us to keep on rising despite the odds thrown at us. To find it in our hearts to always hang in there, because life isn’t entirely cruel. Just like a friend, as much as it plays tricks on us, it also has that capacity to aid in turning around our pains into joy.

Like a train forging on, Andy Early’s ‘Keep On Rising’ doesn’t stop with just giving us this feel good emotion. It goes way deeper as it also serves as a heartfelt tribute to his late partner Jill Olivia Whall, together with his old friends as well as his band mates. It’s a snippet of Andy Early himself, acknowledging the very reasons he’s alive and kicking. In that same breath, through his gritty vocals, and instrumentals he announces that these same people are his fuel. They serve as his will to do what he set out to on the get go- touch the hearts and minds of the world through his artistry and music. Now that’s what you call rising up to the occasion.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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