Rapper Luh Tyler Shows Us His Vision In New Music Video

At just 16 years old, Luh Tyler’s rapid growth of fame and success was undeniable. Now, at the age of 17, the Tallahassee native released his new mixtape, but the real challenge lies ahead as he works to prove himself and the longevity of his craft. He is ready and is already looking toward the future with his latest release, My Vision. The title is an unmistakable reference to Tyler’s unwavering commitment to chasing his dream and continuing to grow as an artist. With his talent and drive, there is no doubt that Luh Tyler has a bright future ahead of him in the rap industry.

This project represents my vision of me seeing myself at the top

Luh Tyler

“You Was Laughing” is a song from Luh Tyler’s recent mixtape, and it comes complete with a mesmerizing music video. The opening scenes feature flashes of the young rapper’s recent successes, including his first visit to perform at Rolling Loud Miami and the OTE halftime show. The video itself is shot in the stunning surroundings of Malibu California, taking viewers on a journey from the beach to a carnival with an array of dazzling visuals and captivating night lights.

The lyrics in the song “You Was Laughing” talk about his fast upbringing and acknowledging the past and what it took for him to make it to the position he is now. Throughout the song, Tyler emphasizes that he’s not in the rap game for mere enjoyment or entertainment – he’s all about securing the bag. One of his primary motivations is to uplift and positively impact the people that supported him from the start.

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Luh Tyler’s music is characterized by his distinctive style and creative production, resulting in a truly unforgettable sound. As one of the most talented up-and-coming rappers from North Florida, he’s making waves in the industry with his unique approach to rap. His music is a reflection of his personality and experiences, drawing from a range of influences to create a style that’s all his own.

Stream My Vision on Spotify or here.

Gabby Giles Author
Avid SZA fan and music lover! Follow my Instagram: @newswithgabriellegiles
Gabby Giles Author
Avid SZA fan and music lover! Follow my Instagram: @newswithgabriellegiles

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