At any camping music festival during the summer, whenever the sun is up so are you, no matter how early it is. Shade is necessary when hanging around the campsite during the day because the heat is so crucial. Lounging around in the pieces of shade you can manage to find and hope that a nice breeze blows by is all you can really manage to do for the better part of the day. However, that doesn’t mean that the bass has ever stopped. All throughout the tent filled campgrounds of Imagine huge speakers fill the atmosphere with rhythmic vibrations that you can physical feel all around you. Once the evening began to set in people were putting on their final touches to of glitter and glow to their outfits and began to pour into the gates. 

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Ana and I took our daily walk dancing into the main entrance of the festival near the campgrounds all decked out in our own outfits for the festivities, looking the part as best we could. Once we got inside, we immediately took off over to the Oceania stage to watch the incredible Leah Culver thrown down. Flowing across the stage like she belongs there, not only did she add the extra element of singing live over her tracks but brought out live dancers and a guest artist as well. After Leah’s set, we decided to walk around to explore the other areas of the festival like the giant pool, gaming lounge, and the food court and vendor alley.

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After filling out stomachs with what was quite possibly the best cheese quesadilla we have ever had, we shuffled and two-stepped our way over to the Disco Inferno stage to catch some of Boogie T’s set that lead straight into Subtropics. The production of the light show combined with the pyrotechnics in the center of the stage and in the crowd created an almost overwhelming sense of intense energy and vibrations all around you. Pretty soon we were drawn back toward the Oceania stage with the faint but ever so present sound of bass thumping in the distance. Once we got closer to the area, we realized that it was Matoma that had pulled us over there and it just felt right. We stayed at the Oceania stage for essentially the rest of the night, the lineup was too good not to! Rezz dropped some nasty beats truly proving her worthiness of her headliner title. To close out the night, DJ Diesel, aka Shaq (yes you read right, Shaquille O’Neal) delightfully surprised us all with an incredibly energizing set that fueled the crowd to dance out the last bit of energy they had.

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Written by Gabrielle Lasater

Photography by DVPhotoVideo

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