Although the actual festival sets for the day didn’t begin until 5:00 in the evening, that doesn’t mean that the party waited until then to begin. From individual campsites creating their own parties with massive speakers, to the silent disco that went until 7:00 in the morning, to a stage in the campgrounds that has a DJ playing 24/7, the mood was already set off to a good start for Saturday.

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To get into the mood for the evening after being in beating hot sun all day, we started off at the Disco Inferno stage to dance it out to some of the wonderful Anna Lunoe’s vibey beats. The next set we knew we had to check out was Ghastly, where I quite possibly acquired severe whiplash in my neck from head banging too hard. Passing from the Oceania stage on one side of the festival to the Amazonia stage on the opposite side took a bit of time since there was a considerably larger amount of people there, but it allowed for us to dance along to more music as we passed the other three in between stages.

Arriving a few minutes early to the Amazonia stage in time to get a good spot up front for Cherub, the excitement that was building up within me ended up being proven to be 100% valid. They put out a unique vibe and energy that was different than every other set thus far and the crowd relished it. This high energy didn’t dwindle but only carried over into Louis the Child’s incredible and energizing set that easily has been a favorite thus far.

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Written by Gabrielle Lasater

Photography by DVPhotoVideo

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