When you have a group of friends who share in your love for good music you know they’re friends you want to keep around. On the afternoon of September 17th struggling to stifle my excitement for that evening, I sat in my living room trying to focus on finishing up the rest of my responsibilities for the day. However, I inevitably diverted to flooding my roommate and a few other friends with excited text messages about the Growlers concert happening at Songbirds later that night. About an hour and a half later the next thing I knew my house was filled with five other people just as enthusiastic for the show as I was.

We all walked into the crowded venue just in time to scope out a good area for us to all stand to enjoy the show and still have space to dance around. Soon enough out walked the members of the Growlers band which immediately sparked and uproar amongst the crowd. Based off of their surfy rock sound, it comes as no surprise to hear about the California origins of this talented band.


To match the psychedelia vibe of the music, the lights lit up the stage with hughes of oranges, purples, blues, and greens and illuminated the silhouettes of everyone in the room. The band began to play their more spooky sounding dance songs from one of their more recent albums “City Club,” and the dancing only increased. It was like every single person in that venue couldn’t stop moving their bodies. The grooving didn’t stop, which only fuel the energy of the band even more, and the crowd ate it up. After the ‘final’ song played, the crowed started screaming and didn’t stop until the band came back. Once the crowd realized the song that was playing for the encore was their song “I’ll Be Around,” the screaming picked right back up again accompanied with even more energetic dancing that seemed carry on into the energy of the atmosphere for the rest of the evening.


Written by Gabrielle Lasater

Photography by Ana Leonard

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