“Gummy Worms” is Devin Kennedy’s Latest Single

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Man, remember when Saturday morning cartoons were a thing? Did you just get hit with a wave of nostalgia? Well, “Gummy Worms” is the best add to your Saturday morning playlist to keep that wave going.

Devin Kennedy is a singer/songwriter and producer raised in Los Angeles who grew his love for music from a very early age. He attended Berklee College of Music and honed in his artistic talents, finding his unique trademark blend of R&B and pop. Last year, he released his debut EP, “You & Me, That’s Enough” and is currently working on a new album, which is set for release in early 2021.

“Gummy Worms” is the fourth, and latest, single off of Devin’s upcoming album. It’s a California-sad pop ode to life moving too quickly in your early 20s, when you’re learning who you are and what you want to be, but also wanting to slow down to have fun.

Devin dug into some of his favorite memories for this song. As most places in his hometown weren’t open past 9PM, he and his friends often went to Rite Aid, where Devin would always get the same snack: gummy worms. And while a lot has changed for him in the past few years, including finishing college, falling in love, moving out of his childhood home, and starting to make music full-time, he still thinks a lot about those gummy worms.

The slow guitar strums, smooth and evenly-paced vocals, and catchy chorus about munchies and gummy worms play on the nostalgia and also give the song an end-of-summer vibe. While gummy worms weren’t my go-to snack in my late teens, the song still sends me down memory lane – reminding me of the late nights I had with friends, usually filled with bike rides and $0.99 Arizona teas.

You can stream “Gummy Worms” now!

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