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Glassetonbury, Vol. 1: CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND

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Well, folks, we’ve made it to the end of our inaugural Glassetonbury tournament. We started with 64 songs of all shapes and sizes by artists from across the globe, and you’ve trimmed it down to your two finalists. Voting will be open for a full week, with polls closing Saturday, September 26th at 3:00 p.m. CST. The winner of this round will earn a featured interview on our home page, a live show hosted on Instagram Live by Glasse, and more!



Lemonade” – Alexia

> defeated “Feel The Same” – Gianna Isabella in the Round of 64.
> defeated “Love Me Now” – Floatinurboat in the Round of 32.
> defeated “81” – Rich Caviar in the Sweet Sixteen.
> defeated “Not Used to Hope” – Hartley in the Elite Eight.
> defeated “Dive” – Matt Sperrazza x CYPRSS in the Final Four.

“Dive” put up a hell of a fight.

After almost a week of heavy promotion, Matt Sperrazza and CYPRSS were able to get nearly 300 votes, almost six times the previous Glassetonbury voting record of 53 that they set in the Elite Eight.

This would have been more than enough to destroy any of the previous challengers… except Alexia.

Coming in at a whopping 564 votes, the New York City pop artist has made it clear she has no intention of losing now. Luckily, “Lemonade” will grab your attention with its heavy groove as much as it will with its voting numbers. This song is the ideal soundtrack for tanning by the pool on a hot summer afternoon.


Monster Squad (Love So Crazy)” – Sam The Astronaut

> defeated “Smart Child” – Josh! in the Round of 64.
> defeated “Butter” – Bad Flamingo in the Round of 32.
> defeated “Riviera” – Dancing On Tables in the Sweet Sixteen.
> defeated “Strong Enough” – Jude The Obscure in the Elite Eight.
> defeated “Moonstruck” – DJ Wei x Shingo Sekiguchi in the Final Four.

Vancouver alt-pop duo Sam The Astronaut has faced a stretch of competitive matches with some really great songs, and it has survived the gauntlet battle-tested and ready to prove it can compete with the voting juggernaut that is “Lemonade.”

If it’s going to pull off the upset, its infectious energy will play a key role. The upbeat, anthemic track will win you over with its warmness and heart, and it feels like a live-set staple.

“Monster Squad” is the second selection from their 2020 EP “High For You” and is reminiscent of the style of music that fans of bands like The Band CAMINO, LANY, or The 1975 might enjoy.


Don’t forget to follow our Glassetonbury Hall of Fame playlist, which will grow as more brackets reach the Final Four!

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