Plug in your earphones and listen up because we just found your new favorite, female-powered, feel-good album of spring. Grace Aimi is the colorful newcomer who not only perfected Y2K aesthetic but also released her first ever album If.

The 20 -year-old singer made her entrance into the music industry with her recent debut EP, PICNIC released in the late summer of 2020. With If, Grace aims at finding her place in the R&B pop genre and creating mood-boosting music to spread those good vibes.

What started off as diary entries about her stormy emotions, eventually evolved into songs of her own. Since then, she’s established herself as one of the most vibrant new voices in pop, exploring R&B-inflected melancholy on singles “Rainbow” and more confidence, uptempo sounds on tracks like “Friend Zone.”

The 12-song debut album is a mix of electric pop music with a meditative aura to it, aimed at helping her listeners through dark moments in life and guiding them towards the silver lining. Her style is vaguely reminiscence of the classic Lana del Ray-esque, sweet melancholy that captures you somewhere between tears and an upbeat bop. Thanks to this potent mixture the young artist is gaining more traction and her international fanbase are steadily growing. Check out her TikTok and Insta where she shares snippets of her life in Japan and fall a little in love with her quirky personality and rad hairstyles.

According to Grace Aimi her greatest inspiration is her Japanese upbringing and the essence of nankurunaisa, meaning “something good will come of it”—an ethos that she’s learned to embody in her peaceful, placid tunes. We think we could all use a little more of that positive nankurunaisa mindset in our lives, especially during these times.

“I want to show people there’s a way to go through something bad and still come out happy. I can feel sad or lonely, but there’s a perfect world out there that I just need to go find.”

Grace Aimi on IF

The songs are breezy and calm, lit with the gentle glow of an earned joy. Let’s have a closer look at some of our personal favs that we’ve been playing on repeat:

In the lead single “If,” she rhythmically rattles off her experiences with fake love addressing our childhood fantasies of what love is supposed to look and feel like with lines such as “I always wanna be a perfect princess And wait for the perfect glass shoe” and “To find a love just like Jack and Rose”. The song resonates with the bitter taste of your first heartbreak and the moment you had to learn that not all stories have a happy end. But despite the melancholic theme, Grace manages to turn it into a self-empowering anthem that celebrates slow love and the strength to walk away from fake love.

The music video is an aesthetic masterpiece with almost hypnotic calming vibes that almost has an ethereal, fairytale character. We’re obsessed!

Eternal Sunshine”, is the serotonin boost that you need to kick off your day right. Grace Aimi is a true powerhouse causing a warm sense of happiness to wash over you with her soft voice and contagious beats. The music video takes you on a colorful trip through a suburban area in Japan showing the gleeful singer rocking rainbow looks as she dances through the streets. The visuals are guaranteed to fill you with a deep sense of wanderlust and inspire you to join her lil dance party.

Her Japanese influence comes through even stronger in her bilingual single “OHAYO”. The 2-minute bop is specially created for the TikTok format and the YouTube video accompanying it, features Grace and features of Japanese TikTokers dancing to it. Short but captivating “OHAYO” is for sure going to be a great and unique addition to your dance portfolio.  

Next time you feel like the world is grey and life is raining down on you, how about tuning in to IF and letting Grace Aimi take you on a journey to seek the rainbows.

Make sure the keep an eye on the blue-haired pop pixie, we have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot more from her and her funky sound in the future. Fuel up on the “Eternal Sunshine” today and have a great day!

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German/Polish student located in the Bay Area, exploring the US through music and art. Follow me on Insta @nicoleworldtraveller to join me on my adventures!
German/Polish student located in the Bay Area, exploring the US through music and art. Follow me on Insta @nicoleworldtraveller to join me on my adventures!


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