Garrett Nash Releases Emotional New Track, “Money, Love & Death”

Formerly known as Gnash, Garrett Nash collaborated with producer Sean Kennedy to gift listeners with their intimate track “Money, Love & Death.” Sean started on the project three years prior but struggled to finish. After teaming up with Garrett, “Money, Love & Death” was born. Sean and Garrett drew from their experiences with their fathers and input them into the track. 

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The nearly three-minute song comprises Garrett’s voice, an acoustic guitar, a few piano keys, and some sort of percussion noise in the background, but Garrett’s voice and the acoustic guitar take the spotlight. The track gives his fans the opportunity to enjoy not only his voice but also the song’s emotional capacity. 

My Dad only really wants to talk about 3 things: money, love, and death. When Sean Kennedy played me this song I knew I needed it on my album. As we were cutting it, which took about 30 minutes total, he recalled that he had written the song three years prior, way before we were friends, as a response to a challenge from his publisher to ‘write something gnash would like,’ but since had been struggling to finish it for his project, so then we knew it was a match made in song heaven.

Garrett Nash

The entire song is about appreciating the loved ones that are still here and seizing the opportunity to tell them they’re appreciated while they are still alive. “Money, Love & Death” resembles a one-sided conversation piece where listeners are hearing how things sound from Garrett’s end. A phone call with Sean’s dad inspired him to begin writing the song because, during the seemingly normal call, Sean tried to find the moment to tell his father that he loved him. That part is evident in the track—their first verse opens like a normal conversation with lyrics like “What’s the weather like, does it ever change” and  “Thinking maybe I should go get a tattoo.” When the chorus arrives, Garrett vocalizes his love for his father by telling him he will miss him once he leaves.

It’s a bittersweet song with lively, relatable lyrics and a warm sound, and Garrett’s soft vocal presence is just icing on the cake. Garrett isn’t unfamiliar with intimate songs like this one, but it’s inviting that he decided to get more personal with his listeners.

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