Structures Designed by the Unknown: How We Live in “Fragments of Infinity”

“Fragments of Infinity” is the third track out of nine off of Dome Dwellers’ new album It’s Just Us released August 5th, 2022. The song overall was created to ruminate on the nature of our shared reality, how we pesky humans fit into the grand scheme, and ask big questions without taking itself too seriously.

Dome Dwellers is a neo-psychedelic math-rock-infused group based out of Denton, TX; formed in the fall of 2012 by Michael J. Slack, David Gore, Cullen Dean, and now featuring later member Blake Montgomery. Cutting their teeth early on house shows and DIY festivals, Dome Dwellers quickly developed a devoted local following, and soon were able to grow their audience throughout Texas and beyond. Today, they are known by fans to take listeners on a sonic space-ride spanning the musical spectrum; bouncing from melodically melancholic, to contagiously danceable, and careening between soulful and whimsical.

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Just as the title hints, “Fragments of Infinity” is ever-so curious in its existentialism, what we are doing now and where we are headed moving forward. The song is drenched in style from beginning to end, from the artistry cemented in its guitar melody to the carefully crafted and quick-paced drum support, it’s easy to tell how much love went into this track and the entire album altogether. A notable lyric, being “the universal structures were so well designed, by whom though, no one knows, but some may claim it’s part of infinity,” goes miles all by itself in telling the creative thought featured in this song, and how it defies clear genre lines yet is grounded in being a clear and enjoyable experience. Dome Dwellers overall open our eyes on how we strive to be ‘someone’ everyday, and how this will continue until world as we know it ceases in its existence.

Dome Dwellers is also found on Instagram and Facebook.

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