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“Empire,” by Rumara: South London-formed in 2019, this duo makes cinematic electronic pop cast through a fractured lens. The multi-instrumentalists and songwriters, Laura V and Yujin Matsutoya contrast darkly mesmeric synths with shimmering strings and empowering vocals filled with layers of textured sound to curate an intense story behind their work. Their name derives from the Portuguese word ‘rumar’, meaning ‘to move towards’, and reflects the restless, ruminative quality of their sound. Crafted over the past 18 months, their upcoming debut EP is hypnotic, richly textured and dense with drama – a body of work where each song is its own intimate epic.

This track intensely captures whistles, with a heavy beat, classical strings, and an array of synth arrangements that hook anyone who listens and leaves them gasping for more at the end. Whatever this duo has next to offer, we are ready and waiting in anticipation.

“Dear Heart,” by FERGUS: Writing songs according to his mood, this artist often embraces the feelings of melancholy out of the hope of reaching a place of healing and serenity in the beauty of it all. Growing up playing music, after nearly half his life, he was left burnt out and decided to rebel against the classical training to create a unique sound of his own.

This single in particular captures his uniqueness. With soulful, evocative, and intense vocals, a simple arrangement compliments them beautifully together. Embracing the tones of a funeral with a mimic of organs, his haunting vocals bare their soul in a declaration of heartbreak to a mother he had thought he would lose; and the song ends with the words “forgive me…” as the instrumentals abruptly end, leaving the overall melody in a cliff-hanging state.

I started writing Dear Heart a long time ago now, when I was facing the prospect of losing someone dear to me. I wrote that seasons change and time marches on, but I’ll always have you here, in my heart. The second half came along, years later, at the end of the decade when I was thinking about what I would have wanted to say, had things not worked out so fortunately.


“A Killer (Or At Least Self-Centered),” by Davis John Patton: Reflecting feelings of self-discovery, of nostalgia, and a rush of old memories flooding in the mind, this artist’s music captures all of these feelings in a few words through his storytelling folk imagery. Born and raised in the midwest, his artistic tendencies drew him to music at a young age; and he pursued his passions since then.

This track in particular is emotionally rich, textured, and poetic. With a simple acoustic guitar setting the scene, the artist’s vocals take center stage, and follows his previous track, “If/Then” as the next phase in his musical journey.

This song circles around the most existential realization of them all: life is short, and death is certain. It concludes with a historic question that people have been asked in church liturgies for centuries: what is your only comfort in life and death?

~ Davis John Patton

“The Way You Love,” by TITUS BANK: This indie pop artist offers a vulnerable take to his sound with latest single. He can take you from Indie Pop anthem to alternative singer-songwriter ballad seamlessly allowing his prolific songwriting and pristine vocals to shine as the recognizable thread throughout the full range of his sound. Titus has now entered the next phase of an already prolific music career. With two singles out that have garnered praise from critics and massive support from editorial playlist curators internationally, it is evident that Titus has tapped into something special as a result of refining his prolific songwriting ability into a clear and impressive artistic vision.

This track, the title of his debut EP, offers refreshing beats with silky vocals that cascade through the ears effortlessly.

I wrote this song almost on a whim, just to ease the urge in me to write big, loud, overemphatic love ballads. I love “love”, so this song is simply me standing on a mountaintop screaming to my wife that I love her love. This was produced by BIG KILL and it really turned into something incredible since my original demo was just a simple beat, piano and vocals. The sound is floaty but also extremely groovy and just feels great. The bass done by Parker Bossley pretty much unlocked this song to be a duel of sorts between a beautiful ballad and an absolute bop


“Another Falling Star,” by Ben Abraham: With his earlier live experience including touring with country legend Emmylou Harris, Abraham more recently supported Ben Platt on his 2019 headline tour – a North American run that followed Abraham co-writing several songs on Platt’s debut solo album, Sing to Me Instead.

Coming from his latest album, Friendly Fire, this single is a fan-favorite, after being heard throughout live performances. A deeply personal body of work, the album marks Abraham’s first for Atlantic and spotlights the cinematic yet emotionally raw sensibilities previously showcased on his debut album Sirens and while penning songs for artists like The Chicks, Demi Lovato, Wrabel, and Kesha’s double-platinum, Grammy Award-winning smash “Praying.” 

I wrote ‘Another Falling Star’ with Cara Salimando; we had a free afternoon and decided to sit at the piano and write for no real purpose. It came from talking about all the people we know—ourselves included—who moved to Los Angeles to chase their dreams, and how hard that can end up being.

~ Ben Abraham

“California Holiday,” by Tommy and The Ohs: This Nashville-based producer has long lived at the confluence of American roots music & the avant-garde before rising into the music scene. Most notably known as founder of the influential group Bawn in the Mash, Tommy and The Ohs launched in 2013 with the release of Living in the Swamp, recorded live to tape at RCA Studio A. His debut album- the long awaited psychedelic opus Mariposa Gold, was recently released.

This single, signifying his latest chapter, showcases a wild trip through a lavish soundscape, a California of fantasy and heartbreak, where genres and traditions bleed together. Psychedelic rock, folk, and country blend in a synergy of unique emotion and sound.

“Stories Of War (Home In Ukraine),” by Morning Crush: This artist shares personal and political stories throughout a multi-colored alt-folk soundscape. Drawing influences from Neil Young, Dawes, Bright Eyes and Frank Turner, his latest EP Brand New House is a fine example of just what Morning Crush does best.

And following that chapter, this heartfelt and emotional track feels all the more relevant as the struggles around the world have been made tangible with the conflicts occurring around us in this moment.

A hard song to write for me, a true and complex story about my Grandfather. About the tragedy of World War 2 in Europe. About generational trauma. But most importantly, it’s about peace.

I can’t say much more that the song itself doesn’t say. I hope you enjoy it. All profits from this song (from Bandcamp downloads) are donated to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal. and the long term impact of war and displacement.

~ Morning Crush

“Oceans Away,” by Jade Bates: A rare gem in her open sense of expression and rawness in her work, this artist drives forth in putting her most authentic self out in the world. Nineteen years old and genre-fluid, she poises herself as someone who is sure to win the hearts of many with empowering vocals and insightful songwriting that blends many different genres effortlessly together.

This single in particular burns slowly and builds into a complex array of genre that defies what we know about pop and rock and roll. Featuring a guitar solo at the bridge, along with sweet and sultry vocals throughout, the track’s masterful composition showcases her talents at their fullest.

“my dear,” by SOLOMON: Singer-songwriter from London, this artist picked up music at a young age to start his pursuit for his passions. His music prides itself on its heart-on-sleeve storytelling partnered with soft, warm vocal tones and meticulous melodies.

And we see this clearly in this track, a lovingly melancholic piece that blends acoustic melodies with a lilting arrangement of talented vocals.

The raw, melancholy tone of ‘my dear’ invites you to delve into my world as I paint the picture of a broken love story I recently experienced. An overwhelming sense of futility arose from catering to the needs of a careless lover, lacking any sense of empathy or diplomacy. The deterioration of this star-crossed love led me to Los Angeles where I’d find myself headlining the Viper Room and working with producers with credits on the likes of Justin Bieber, Stormzy, Selena Gomez, Tori Kelly, and more.


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