Trusting Your Instincts in the New Bob Moses Album, The Silence in Between

The GRAMMY award winning duo Bob Moses have revealed their third studio album titled The Silence in Between. With its collection of house music and emotionally potent pop, the album emerged from a period of personal struggle in the lives of members Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance. 

The duo started producing music for the first time in 2012, and since then Bob Moses have earned massive acclaim for their expert understanding of house music and emotionally charged pop. Made up of Vancouver-bred musicians/producers Howie and Vallance, the two lived in Los Angeles when they delivered their debut album Days Gone By in 2015. Days Gone By featured such standouts as “Tearing Me Up”: a track that was nominated for two GRAMMY Awards. Now, they are signed to Astralwerks, and made their label debut with “Time And Time Again” in November 2021. Their recent single “Love Brand New” is already a Top 15 hit on the Alternative radio chart, and sheds light on the fact that passion does not stop because of hardship.

“Making this album was a way for us to process what we’d been going through and figure out how to move forward. We lost a good friend during the pandemic, I had my first child, Jimmy’s parents went through a divorce, and there were so many other world-shaking things happening around us. We were dealing with a lot of fear and uncertainty, and music became like our life raft. It allowed us to really focus in on the purity and the magic of our working relationship, to get back to trusting our instincts and just be as honest as possible.”

~ Tom Howie

“Seen it Coming” starts off as an atmospheric lullaby speaking on the toxicity of bad ideas and the potency of hatred and divisiveness on social media. Featuring a synth-vibe all coming across in lower, deeper notes, the track has the possibilities to be both soothing and hype-inducing all at once. It truly shows the potential in a perfectly crafted base sound.

“Love Brand New” is loyal to its title as the track goes through a story of falling into a new love, and the excitement that such experience brings. It shines light on trying not to lose yourself as you navigate the world as though you’re seeing everything for the first time. The lyrics are sung clearly, yet contains a sort of adrenaline that can get anyone’s heart pumping instantly.

“Never Ending” indulges the impulse of wanting to live in a certain moment forever, and revels in that possibility. As all of humanity knows, happiness can restrain itself to only come in short bursts, and the track gives example to this through the time spent with a close lover sung above a melodic dance-pop background.

“Time and Time Again” was inspired by a close friend of Bob Moses that was lost too soon. It holds the realization that all of the shared adventures dancing until the sunrise are now memories to keep very close forevermore.

“Back to You” focuses on the unrequited love during drug use, and the desperate thoughts from the one that is receiving no love from the other. As the lyrics say, “if all of my love isn’t enough, could I be the drug racing through your veins?” showing the person speaking as one that would do anything to keep their addiction close to them.

“Hanging On” sheds light on when there is so much negativity and uncertainty in the world, it says that you’ve got to find a way to push through. It’s all about the central question, what do we put our faith in now?, and finding solace in parts of life that still has positivity to be found in. The track received a new video that can be watched here.

“The Rush” revels in doing something simply because of the feeling it gives you. This track is fully an anthem of appreciating good times, when we can be unapologetically ourselves, doing all these stupid things just for ‘the rush.’

“Broken Belief” describes the realization of being taken advantage of, and the absence of trust that rests in our hearts following it being broken. It’s about knowing that you are a victim, and that everything we’ve been told to believe isn’t true while recognizing that our priorities are all wrong.

“Ordinary Friend” is the most solemn type of love song. It was written from the perspective of someone who has just come out of a horrible argument and knows they went too far, reveling in the mistakes that were made.

“Believe” concludes the album and talks about the feelings of missing someone you love so much and haven’t seen for far too long. It’s an expression of how the thought of them is all that is getting you through until you can see them again, and a longing for the time when you’re back together and everything is right with the world.

The Silence in Between can be browsed in full here:

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