Welcome to Metal Is Awesome, where I talk about things that excite me and other rock and metal fans on a weekly basis, to spotlight the high points of the genre. This week, I’m talking about Chevelle, a band that I am super giddy about what’s to come in their new era.

A couple of weeks ago, Chevelle posted an announcement on their Instagram account stating that the coming Friday would premiere their newest song “Self Destructor” along with a music video of the single, AND announcing a new album. Taking on the title of “Niratias,” the album artwork shows a scene of a futuristic world through the point of view of an 80’s artist; I’m highly interested in seeing what this will mean. (Album out March 5th 2021).

Unbiasedly, I think it’s safe to say that Chevelle has never put out a weak song, so that’s definitely a giant reason for the excitement looming over Chevelle fans. Their 2016 release The North Corridor was full of absolute nasty riffs atop of medium-tempo beats.

Naturally in this new single, the band seems to have evolved from their last record, while maintaining that soft-but-heavy feel we all love from Chevelle. Frontman Pete Loeffler is sounding better than ever behind the mic which is making March 5th extra hopeful. His hollers and melodic force in the chorus has gotten a much needed rest after their 2019 tour. If the new single is a summary of the upcoming album, I’ll be one happy fan.

During said 2019 tour, 14 year bassist Dean Bernardini announce an indefinite leave from the band to focus on other aspects of his life which left a bit of bad taste in my mouth and many Chevelle fans alike. Mr. Bernardini is a beast behind the 4 string, which makes it doubly hard to see Chevelle lose an essential piece after his ferocious bass sound beefing up their discography. Although his departure left the three-piece band a brotherly duo, the newest single Self Destructor reassures that they will do just fine with their current lineup. The music video only shows Pete and Sam Loeffler, so it’s safe to assume that Pete Loeffler took the role of guitar, vocals, and bass on their latest effort. Although it is unclear who is actually on the bass in the studio recording, the song does not lose its Chevelle ‘touch’ and makes this up-coming album extremely promising; here’s to hoping Dean returns soon enough!

Last night in an interview with LOUDWIRE, Pete stated that ‘NIRATIAS’ is an acronym taking the place of the phrase “Nothing is real and this is a simulation.” This piques my interest a bit more as to what this album will bring. Also discussed, Pete is quoted on saying the song “Mother Earth” that is apart of the album is “an absolute banger.” Pretty good words to hear.

Personally, I’m rather stoked to have some Chevelle to look forward to. On Chevelle’s official site, you can pre-order the album in a variety of formats to enjoy (I’m a vinyl guy) and I cannot wait to celebrate their musicianship. Chevelle has a special place in my heart due to the fact that they tackled the early 2000’s rock sound without sounding derivative or corny, which makes their music age as good as Betty White. (That’s a good thing.)

For those readers who aren’t too familiar with these guys, go checkout this Spotify playlist of essential songs to make you a fan!

Check out their latest video of ‘Self Destructor’ now! New album out March 5th.

-Luke Brooks \m/ @luckylukephotos

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