The Aquadolls are lighting up the town with their music video for their single “Burn Baby Burn” which was released on April 7 and the video on April 27, respectively.

The music video was directed the band’s frequent collaborator Jenna Houchin. We are taken back to the days of 2000s-inspired indie sleaze as we find ourselves in a brightly-lit bar party with excessive debauchery. The Aquadolls are singing about female empowerment, relying on your friends, and living life to the fullest. Without a doubt, the video is an embodiment of that statement as we are shown images of wild dancing and makeout sessions!

The Aquadolls are an LA-based femme-punk band that was founded in 2012. Melissa Brooks formed the band after she suffered from bullying at school and needed an outlet to turn her angst into art. Their debut album Stoked On You was released in 2013. The lineup changed frequently until bassist Keilah Nina and drummer Jacqueline Proctor became solid members and the trio went on to release The Dream and Deception in 2018. After the solidification of the band, they performed with critically acclaimed artists like Kate Nash and Jimmy Eat World, as well as performances in Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits. Last summer, they were on tour with bands like Incubus and Sublime with Rome.

Things are looking up for them as they announced that they will release their third album Charmed on June 2. Musically, the album explores the fusion of ’60s harmonies as well as their signature ’90s-guitar driven melodies while they address themes of self-love, relationships, and heartbreak. In addition, they are currently promoting their music on their North American Spring Fling tour that runs until June. They can also be seen at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees music festival this year where they are expected to reach a wider audience and gain new fans.

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