“Attention”! Emarosa Has RETURNED

Emarosa is BACK, here with a catchy single that demands your full “Attention.” This release perfectly flaunts the band’s continuing ability to write 80’s inspired pop melodies with buttery smooth vocals and an unforgettable hook, one that slowly builds to a gospel-choir finale.

As many know, Emarosa consists of Bradley Scott (vocals) and ER White (guitar). They have collaborated for nearly a decade, musically transforming and energetically renewing the group’s vision. They bravely shifted from the hard rock scene and became leaders of the alternative world with their wildly successful breakthrough album “Peach Club” in 2019, and after three years, the band is poised to introduce their loyal audience to a follow-up worthy to their listening ears. Basically, if you combine the influences of pop, synth-wave, alternative and 80’s hits, and you have Emarosa’s upcoming masterpiece.

There is no doubt about it that “Attention” is Emarosa’s most unapologetic release to date. Here, it is fully embraced that we, as human beings, all want attention, nobody wants to end up alone. This release is an anthem for everyone brave enough to own up to such desires we obtain, and the sound alone from the track proves this to be true. Glittering synths combine with an intense beat, all highlighting Scott’s perfect range and breathy vocals leading each verse forward. The chorus brings audiences into an atmospheric dream, speaking and wondering where sights of love has gone, then fully wakes them up in an explosive drop, demanding for this love to be returned to its rightful owner. Every line in the single swells with confidence, bursting at the moment Scott admits that “love me or hate me I just don’t care.” The track ends perfectly with a courageous choir shouting “attention!,” further cementing the spirited takeaway that audiences will be receiving from this triumphant treasure of electro and alt pop.

“Attention” can be listened to on Spotify and Soundcloud, and more from Emarosa can be found on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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