Exclusive Premiere: Getting lost in Dog Day God’s alt-rock dream “Honestly, They’re Right”

In the latest track by the enigmatic Dog Day God, rolling guitar introduces listeners to a track embroiled in melodrama. The first 30 seconds alone are a testament to the artist’s signature introspective shoegaze sound. With hints of the alternative rock genre creeping at the edges, it’s a distinctive track you can get lost in for days.

The entirety of “Honestly, They’re Right” feels like a memory, the hazy feeling of a late night in a bar downtown: feigning expert focus on a conversation while really lost, staring at clouds of smoke from a stranger’s cigarettes. Thinking of the past, drowning in the present. That’s the feeling Dog Day God’s sound emotes, something of the dramatic flair, bitter edges of a period piece impossible to turn away from.

Day God lets his voice slip low and layered amidst the thick smoke, but he transitions across all plains of sound throughout, even occasionally slipping into an emotionally-charged high register. Cynical and accepting defeat, he fumbles, submitting to the opinion of others in the lyrics chanting, “honestly, they’re right” as he recounts the end of a love that seemed perfect.

The simplicity of the duet between the vulnerable vocals and guitar, intertwining in their own harmonies and deep layering, gives a dreamlike feel as the guitar riffs spin-off expertly in circles, solidifying the song as a perfect shoegaze project. Listen to Columbia, SC-based Dog Day God’s newest song “Honestly, They’re Right” below or on your favorite streaming platform to decipher the narrative for yourself!

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