Theo Kandel and Romario teamed up to release one of the songs of the summer! Today they dropped Romario’s remix of “Everybody Else”. The collaboration is a perfect blend of New York party vibes meeting the heart of the Caribbean. Romario splits his time between Jamaica and Nashville, to be able to stay in touch with the creative scene he knows and loves. On the other hand, coming from New York City to Nashville, Theo got to know Romario at a songwriting retreat. In this retreat, Romario was checking out Theo’s Spotify profile and Everybody Else was the first track he heard, as it’s Theo’s most streamed. He fell in love with the track and loved how Theo’s ad libs carried the chorus of the track – making it very catchy. From there, Romario wanted to remix it to add a tropical touch to it – and now it’s available on all streaming platforms for you to hear! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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