This past Friday Vance Joy released his third studio album In Our Own Sweet Time, and he kind of went about sharing it in similar fashion to what the title suggests. Ahead of In Our Own Sweet Time, the Australian singer-songwriter doled out four singles to build anticipation. Most recently, Joy shared “Every Side of You,” the fourth following on from earlier single releases “Missing Piece,” “Don’t Fade,” and “Clarity.”

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“Every Side of You” is an ode to that indefinite “you.” It is a celebratory tune about the whimsies of being close to another person, and the tension––tinged with sweetness––that being apart can foster between two people. Joy released an accompanying music video for “Every Side of You” that augments the playfulness inherent to the track, following the story of two kids who fall in love in a rural town.  

“Every Side of You,” dir. Bill Bleakly

Intimate love is possible, Joy suggests in the video, between incredibly young people, just as adults; if anything that love is more pure, more gentle, and more compassionate when veiled in innocence. Rules and parents are charmingly thrown to the wayside as the video’s two young protagonists explore their boundaries and push through them, all the while learning about one another and the intricacies of being close to someone else for the first time. In not so many words, the music video for “Every Side of You” captures the sweetness of this final single release, and helps to set the tone for Joy’s latest album. 

In Our Own Sweet Time was released Friday June, 10, image courtesy of Warner Music Group

As he noted in a press release, Joy wrote “Every Side of You” in July 2020 at the height of the pandemic. He was living in Australia at the time, based in Melbourne, and working with longtime collaborator Dave Bassett over Zoom. 

“I was excited about the cruisy feeling of the guitar and the rhythm of the lyrics in the verses,” he said, and expounding on the new song’s thematic concept, added: “I’ve definitely seen some changes in myself over the last few years and in more recent times. I’ve opened some doors and become more relaxed and loving. It also touches on being apart, there’s that sweetness and that tension. In music when you’re not touring, you’re there every day for six months, then you go away for eight weeks. That can be difficult.”

The release of In Our Own Sweet Time coincided with the end of Vance Joy’s North American tour, and he’s starting up again in Australia come September. For more information, go to Joy’s website, or connect with him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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