Salt is a necessary part of life. It is a vital part of cooking, medicine (first aid), and other human related activities. Not only that, because it’s something that can be found in nature whether it be in any living organisms, or in places such as the ocean. If we’re being our spicy selves, we could also use it as descriptor for a sore loser hence the term “salty”. Quite a versatile thing, right? 

On that same vein, we have an uber talented artist in Sueco who kicked the summer in style via his single with the same name entitled “Salt” , released last May 27th, through Atlantic Records. This serves as a herald for his upcoming album “It Was Fun While It Lasted Deluxe Edition”. A re-release and then some of his critically acclaimed and heart stopping debut “It Was Fun While It Lasted.”.

As for “Salt”, it is available in all major streaming platforms.  It also comes with an MV that’ll cause you to cry buckets. A play on the concept of putting salt in your wounds. So, audience beware, because this is an emotional roller coaster that’ll drive you insane in a good way. 

When discussing the song itself, Sueco’s “Salt” tells a journey of lovers breaking apart and its aftermath. While it doesn’t go into specifics, it gives us enough clues that this one didn’t end in a “amicable” way. In fact, it’s the other way around. But the compelling part about it all is that this has been the theme of the entire relationship anyways. Messy, toxic, and draining, it’s the antithesis of what we all crave for when in the arms of another. “Cause you hurt me bad then I hurt you back. Tell me what kind of love is that. No matter who’s in my bed, you’re the one in my head.”. Sure, it was a destructive pairing to begin with, but we can’t take away the fact that the pain of moving on still exists and it shows up in this tune a lot. It’s a reminder that at the end of the day, losing someone in any circumstance always goes through the same route of agony, grieving, longing and eventually acceptance. 

If we inspect the music video closely, this one’s under the company DNI Productions with Ash Davis as the producer and Nas Bogado as the CD/ Director. Content wise, this is a very literal depiction of the song with an undertone of darkness. Heightening the already gloomy nature of the song and turning it into a funeral of sorts, take for example Sueco playing the piano in a black suit. While that may be the case, the video still has its glimpses of positivity as shown on the windows and lighted candles. As if saying to its viewers that this isn’t a temporary fixture in our lives. Everything will be better in time but for now you have this. Embrace it and use it to make yourself better.

Need more Sueco in your life right now? If that’s the case, feel free to visit his official website, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for more emotionally charged content.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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