“Drown” in the Synthesized and Hopeful Panic of Connor Terrones’ New Track

On July 22nd, electro-funk artist Connor Terrones put out his new track, “Drown!” In the artist’s words, “‘Drown’ is a fusion of jazz, funk, soul, pop and techno music. Influenced by the sounds of Thundercat, Knower and Hiatus Kaiyote, the song is a sonic rollercoaster that feels chaotic! The sound of ‘Drown’ can be described effectively in one word: panic. It’s about begging for help when life gets overwhelming and offering help in return. It is a plea for some sort of assistance in this life and is rooted in feelings of uncertainty, fear, and desperation. When we as humans REALLY need help, we search and bargain for it however we can.” This could not be said any better.

“Drown” Single Artwork

“Drown” is reminiscent of “I Love Louis Cole,” the third track off Thundercat’s phenomenal 2020 album It Is What It Is, and the guitar solo in the center uses “The Lick,” which is always an excellent sign for a song in the electro-funk/jazz fusion space. For those who don’t know what “The Lick” is, please watch the video below. But on a more important note, the instrumentation of “Drown” is astounding. The synth voicings Terrones has chosen for this song create not only the sense of panic that he hopes to convey but also a sense of hope within that panic. It doesn’t feel completely hopeless in its panic and desperation, and that’s incredibly difficult to accomplish.

The only other thing to be said about this track is that the vocal harmonies on the chorus are absolutely phenomenal. The things they make me feel are indescribable. I’ve sat here for hours listening to this track trying to come up with the words to explain them, but I keep coming up empty. Excellent work from Connor Terrones.

Check out “Drown” below, and be sure to let us know what you think!

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