It’s Impossible To “Hate” Loyle Carner’s New Track

On July 5th, “London’s dominant lyricist” Loyle Carner released his new single, “Hate.” “A remarkable departure from anything he’s done before,” “Hate” sees Carner tackle things he hates about modern society. However, this isn’t just a “philosophical exercise.” “Hate” is “a full-bore, high-stakes, facing up to death riposte, as urgent as it is compelling.”

“Hate” Single Artwork

Built over an excellent vocal/piano sample and some of the most exciting drums to date, “Hate” is a four-minute anthem with practically no vocal hook. However, Carner doesn’t need a vocal hook. The repeated piano motif worms its way into a listener’s ear, serving as a consistent reminder of the grief that exists behind the hate Carner is going off on. Musically, this track shows three excellent emotions that are near hate but not quite hitting it on the nose. That circling gives the track even more power than it would have otherwise. As previously stated, the piano represents grief. The drums represent rage, and the vocals represent the confusion that leads to the titular “hate” when paired with that grief and rage.

“Loyle put it best [sic], ‘One of the few songs made from a hateful place. I was angry at the world, frightened and overwhelmed. It’s unfiltered. Really just a stream of consciousness that builds to an understanding that hate is rooted in fear. It reminds me of times the red mist takes over, and how alone you feel when the rest mist passes. Arrogant and self-righteous but at the same time vulnerable and somber.  I listen to this one in my car, at night. Especially after an argument when you need to get space and take a breath.’”

Check out “Hate” below, and be sure to listen to some of Loyle Carner’s other work as well, particularly “Crazy Dream” with Tom Misch. He is definitely one of the most exciting acts in hip-hop at the moment, and we’re excited to see what comes from this new direction!

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