Take The “Time” To Listen To This Connor Terrones Track

On September 2nd, Connor Terrones – yes, the same Connor Terrones who put out “Drown,” which you can read our review of here – released a short album titled The People We Love. On that album, in addition to “Drown,” is the track “Time.” To be blunt, “Time” is funky, trap-influenced, and very Tame Impala. To only be that blunt would be doing the track a major disservice, though.

The People We Love Album Artwork

“Time” has some of the psychedelic and funkier aspects of the most recent Tame Impala album, The Slow Rush. The track is rooted in a four-on-the-floor drum groove and a standard funk synth bass line, but the true weight of “Time” is carried by the synth voicings (bass synth included) and Connor Terrones’ vocal layering. The synthesizer accents are immaculate throughout the track, and when the chorus comes in with the trap drums and sultry guitar work while Terrones laments how “there’s no time,” I am transported. This track, like most of its influences, feels otherworldly.

Yet the lyrics ground the listener in the urgency that comes from developing romantic feelings. “There’s no time to waste on how it ends/There’s no time to say that we’re just friends” is not only an accurate depiction of the fears that creep in when romantic feelings are developing, but it also grounds the otherwise ethereal track. It doesn’t get wrapped up outside of itself, and that’s incredible. For a song to sound this way and still retain the humanity of its creator is an incredible feat. Connor Terrones should be proud.

Be sure to check out “Time” and let us know what you think! If you were a fan of “Drown,” the slower tempo of “Time” might catch you off-balance at first, but it’s absolutely worth your… Time. 

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