Drip, Drip, Drip Like A “Crystal Geyser”

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Lazyy is one part of the hip-hop duo from Kobe, Japan, NONAME’S, who are set to release their first album on February 24th. Pursuing a solo career on top of this project has allowed Lazyy to showcase his confidence and skills as a Japanese rapper. He nonchalantly says, “It’s still unknown, but I’m going to be a famous artist.” Honestly, I believe him. His newest single “Crystal Geyser,” produced by A4, really caught my attention, as did the music video that goes with it.

His partner from NONAME’S, REVi, cameos in the music video, directed by kosk was here, while the DIVAcrew girls do their thing on the dance floor. Dripped from head to toe in hip and flashy street wear, the dancers showcase fun and powerful hip-hop moves all around Lazyy and REVi. Playing off the title, REVi chills on top of an open refrigerator full of water bottles, while Lazyy dangles a single Crystal Geyser in front of his face, like a tease. His too-cool-for-school sounding voice matches his effortlessly chill rap flow and deadpan demeanor. Lazyy’s special request while you’re listening to this song or watching the music video: “I want you to dance if you can.”

Crystal Geyser” is the first single off Lazyy‘s debut EP Quick Flick, which features two other tracks entitled “OKayy” and “Hello,” which both match the energy of the first track equally. It’s an impressive first project, a trifecta of Japanese rap everyone needs to hear. Lazyy‘s lyrics go back and forth between Japanese and English seamlessly, adding to his charisma and attractiveness as an artist. The back beat to “Crystal Geyser” is catchy and edgy, and his bars simultaneously go hard and feel mellow. We’ve added this track to our playlist Undercuts, so go give it a listen!

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