BRONSON kicks off the new year with the second phase of remixes for their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut LP. The trio, comprised of ODESZA and Golden Features, made waves in the electronic music scene when they released the original LP last July. Pushing sonic boundaries with its cinematic and unhindered sound, the LP reached upwards of 56 million streams in the months following its release.

Titled “Remixes Nº2”, this collection continues to unearth new facets of the project. The trio tapped the likes of Hayden James, HAAi, Prospa, Patrick Topping, and obli to deliver a wide-spanning collection of re-interpretations – all bound by a pulsating undertone that pays homage to the original endeavor’s underground and avant-garde inspirations. Collectively, the various stylings of these talented artists create an amalgamation of leftfield and club-inclined stylings which reinvigorate the original album with progressive electronica.

Bronson Remixes Nº2 Cover

First up is a re-imagined “DAWN” by Australian DJ Hayden James. Known for passionate, energetic, and fun-loving vibes in his music, Hayden changes the originally buoyant atmosphere to a reverberating, hypnotic setting that centers on the ethereal vocals of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. He still keeps some of the airy elements to create a layered sonic experience but injects the track with even more energy through driving basslines. Heavy basslines are also found in HAAi‘s remix of “KEEP MOVING.” Australia-born and London-based, HAAi is driven by a need for experimentation, both in exploring new sounds and in new ways of making music. She keeps the gritty backbone of “KEEP MOVING” while enhancing it with thumping techno and percussive elements to turn the track into an industrial composition, tailor-made for a warehouse setting.

Foreign Family Collective newcomer, obli, gives listeners a moment of pause from the previous bass-driven remixes with a soulful rendition of “CALL OUT.” Bolstering the original with a funk-inspired guitar riff, oscillating synths, and cut up vocals, obli draws out a new and unique dimension that explores the depths of the original. Where the original was slower-paced and called to listeners’ hearts, this remix calls to listeners’ souls with its bouncy melody and dance-floor beats.

Next up is UK duo Propsa with a version of “KNOW ME.” While the duo originally joined forces to produce deep house tracks, they have found their niche with classic rave sounds, which is the touch they give to the dream-like original. They chop up Gallant‘s floating vocals to dart between off-kilter, distorted synths. The shuffling and vibrating tempo give the remix a modern, experimental nuance. Synths take the forefront in a powerful tech-fueled re-work of “HEART ATTACKS” by house and techno icon Patrick Topping. He draws out the depths of the original soundscape, already equipped with a house backdrop, and adds in crisp percussions and retro synth lines to give the track a more techno spin. He uses samples of lau.ra‘s vocals to balance out the pulsing bass and creates an invigorating atmosphere to close out this remix series.

Of this collection, BRONSON says it “embodies the shared sentiment of nostalgia and longing for the late-night landscapes and dance floors these works were crafted for.” And sure enough, the artists who worked on “Remixes Nº2” unleashed that electric energy to incite a revitalizing sense of hope and anticipation to experience those very same scenes in the near future.

Following “Remixes Nº1 and Nº2,” one final collection will be delivered in the coming months with another deft group of producers, rounding out the BRONSON remix series.

Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!
Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!

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