“Autumn Boy,” a Beautiful Homage to Nature by The Tame and The Wild

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The Tame and the Wild is a Hungarian nostalgic-indie-folk band around the singer-songwriter duo Seja and Flëpp. Their music evokes raw human emotions which touch base with the natural world, sea and stars. Themes of youth and age, resiliency and love, boldness and resignation, honesty and memory urge their listeners to go inward, return to nature and reflect on the connection of everything. The Tame and the Wild see their influences in the sounds of bands such as Daughter, Angus & Julia Stone, Kodaline, Boy or Feist.

Autumn Boy” is a beautiful folk-rock song the band released at the beginning of the Fall season. It sounds to me a lot like Of Monsters and Men, full of those glorious guitar strums, soft and heartwarming vocals, melding together in uplifting harmonies. Accompanying the song is a gorgeously cinematic music video which shows Seja and Flëpp beachside and various other homely locations, performing the song together. It skips between scenes of her cliff-jumping and swimming through the deep, blue ocean, and spanning overheads views of Croatia’s coastal landscapes. Seja and Flëpp play in the trees and bask in the magical golden-hour glow that the Autumn season brings.

The style of Seja and Flëpp’s songwriting is so touching. Here is my favorite excerpt from this song which showcases their poetic homage to nature: “We’ve could have it all you know /We fall we rise we fall you know / Look at us with all our scars with all our secrets / Look at us, smiling / we’ve learned it the hard way / Look at us, Autumn Boy…”

I’ve added “Autumn Boy” to our Folk-Ish playlist on Spotify, so feel free to listen to it there if you want to hear other songs of a similar vibe! If you like this, consider checking out their other works; they’ve got a handful of singles out, as well as a four-track EP from 2018 entitled Before We Die.

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