Doyle Takes Sacramento’s Intimate Goldfield Stage for “As We Die” Tour + Interview

Doyle von Frankenstein is back on the road with his solo project. After two years off the road, Doyle kicked off their tour earlier this year, and will be continuing throughout the rest of the summer around Spain and Europe. Joined with vocalist Alex “Wolfman” Story, bassist Brandon Strate, and drummer Wade Murff, the four-piece joined the stage of Goldfields in Sacramento last week to perform an intimate set where fans crowded in close to witness the skillset and the sound of legendary rock stars in the horror punk genre.

After concluding the sets of local live metal projects, including the talents of rising Sacramento metal project, Volrahven, Doyle hopped on the stage as the static of the speakers began to make everyone’s hair stand on end and feel the tension from within begin to ease, and cheer echoed from within the intimate bar walls.

“Get my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth,” Wolfman shouted, and was met with laughter. Only an hour had passed since the dramatic scene at the Oscars and the responses were widespread throughout the nation.

“This next song,” he continued, “…it’s a love song… You can dance to it, if you want to.” Wolfman began to swivel his body around and danced onstage before the rest of the band broke into song. In an intense wave of sound, our darkest emotions became theirs in their hands as they soothed them and promoted a release of the energy, creating an intimate and cathartic experience as instruments blazed and ensnared our souls for the remainder of the set.

Fans writhed through the venue in a frenzy as the mosh pits grew. Charged with the intense instrumentals and screaming vocals, they poured out their darkness from within as their troubles melted away.

During our interview with front man, Doyle von Frankenstein, we chatted about life back on tour and his upcoming projects.

Helana: “How has life been back on tour?”
Doyle: “Good. It took so long to get the rust off… we were so used to just doing nothing.”

H: “Speaking on breaking the rust off, how has the pandemic impacted your creativity as an artist?”
D: “It actually helped me since I stayed home. I wrote about twenty-four, twenty-five songs and I’m going to send them out as soon as I can when I’m able to.”

H: “It was great to be able to see you guys in such an intimate setting and it definitely added to the whole experience of the show! And it was especially cool to see your guitar, the Annihilator, up close in person. Could you tell me the story of its creation and how its wear and tear continues to add to that story?”
D: “Well, I drew it on a paper bag and saved it, and brought out the design one day when I went to the factory, and we worked at it on the machine and cut it out until it was right how I pictured it. And we started making more, and now Dean’s going to be putting more out. Should be out a little before Christmas.”

H: “That’s super neat! I noticed when I saw you that the top part of the guitar had broken off and had been put back together, too!”
D: “Well things break on the road, too. Sometimes you gotta go to Home Depot and patch it all up.”

H: “Yeah that’s really cool you’re able to do that. You’re going to be launching out a pickup and string line as well as the guitar. Are the pickup and string lines going to be out a little later or before the guitar comes out?”
D: “Sooner. We’ve got a couple of artists and they’re all working on the standard sets right now and it should be out fairly soon.”

H: “Sweet. Sounds like a lot of fun to be a part of those kinds of projects! What inspired you to sell your own vegan protein powder?”
D: “Well, for one thing, I used a lot of it and I got sick of paying for it. So I’m like, why not just make my own? It took me years to develop it. I was going through all these companies and nothing was quite working right. And then I met the perfect business, all operated by vegans. I asked them about doing some private labeling, and making my own separate entity using their product, after figuring out more about their company and where all their product comes from and they said, ‘let’s do it!'”

H: “Sweet! How has the creation of this protein powder tied into your overall health as a musician?”
D: “Since I own the company, I can drink as many a day as I want, you know? Put it in oatmeal, and really do everything with it. And we have a new flavor coming out soon, too.”

H: “How do you feel your music speaks to this generation and generations to come?”
D: “It’s just timeless music and songs. They don’t, you know, talk about politics or any of the things going on today. Just, you know… horrific stories of darkness and disdain.”
H: “Whether or not it does talk about the stuff that’s going on, it’s still really relatable because everyone has to deal with darkness, too. You’ve created a place where people can find a peace in that darkness.”
D: “Yeah, and we like to make it brutal, so you can listen and do your workouts and listen to it throughout the day, too.”

H: “What advice would you give fans who want to invest in and support your music?”
D: “Come to shows, stop streaming…and well, we are going to start a Patreon, and all of our songs will be available there at one time. And that’s pretty much where you’ll be able to find it. A lot of work goes into writing songs, tracking and the whole process, and we get paid basically nothing for it.”
H: “Oh for sure! I really appreciate all the work that you do; and thank you for your time. I’ll let you get back to your breakfast.”
D: <laughs>
H: “Have a good one!”

Catch Doyle on tour, and check out the website here for tickets and details.

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