Ravenna Golden’s Ms. Genius EP Out Now

Folks! The music world just got a whole lot spicier, and we have Ravenna Golden to thank for that. How did that happen? What did this modern-day maestro do? Well, we’ve got two words to answer that query “Ms. Genius”. With a title like that, you could definitely get everyone talking. But most importantly, wide eyed and intrigued. 

Released last March 8th, and produced by music mavens Dylan Brady, Judge, Umru and Dwilly. As well as powerful mixes from Jeff Ellis, Kayla Reagan, and Dwilly. Mastered by the one and only extraordinaire, 2022 Grammy nominee Dale Becker (Planet Her Deluxe). To round out this all-star cast, the cover was created by Jimmy Fontaine and makeup courtesy of Selena Ruiz. This album is sure to get you jumpin’ and bumpin’ to the groove that’s oh so irresistible.  Get your stamina ready cause this one’s a mover!Whew!

As for the track list, it boasts of 8 tracks filled to the brim with wit, story, and that signature edginess that we all fell in love with in the first place. Coming at you like an 8 ball, the tracks included are the following: “Run MF”, “Expensive City”, “Barely Breathe”, “Beverly Hills”, “Sack Of Grass”, “R U Joking”, “Big Knife” and “Bridge”.It’s total run time is 18 min and 1 sec. It’s short, sweet, and out to knock your socks off into oblivion.

Coupled with this album is the unleashing of the MV for “Run MF” which was a collaboration between Ravenna Golden and Pat Jetwett. As for the other tunes, “Expensive City”, “Beverly Hills”, “R U Joking” and “Big Knife” have theirs as well which came out in the past. So be sure to show them love as well because they’re just oh so fantastic musically and visually.


When homing in on the album as a whole, this 8-track whirlwind is simply magical. The messages, characters portrayed, and its realness grabs you by the collar. Just like a judo master about to smack you to the mat head on. It’s got angst, and that wallop to remind that life is complicatedly intricate. Lyrics such as “If you try to stop me, I will shoot your leg. Just go to the doctor, it will be okay. Told you not to get in my way. Look at you just riding my wave.” from “Run MF” and “Bite the bullet, cut the bullshit. Where’s the punch line, are you joking? Let it slide a thousand times. W-W-What’s the harm in one more time? (Hey)” from “R U Joking” will do that to you. Ouch! 

On the other hand, as much as “Ms. Genius” inflicts pain to its listeners. It also sends a message of strength, freedom, and reliance in oneself when everyone seems to go against you. A burning bonfire and voice that says that the key to being back in track is you. For in the end, come what may you are still the master of your destiny. Never count yourself out. 

Still reeling from all this greatness? If so, go on over to Ravenna Golden’s official website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts for other explosive content. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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