Banquer Releases New Track, “Index Direct”

On February 3rd, Kuwaiti rapper Banquer released his latest album, Build Cypher Destroy, featuring the song “Index Direct.” Built around a theme of blame and finding someone to blame for problems in your life, Banquer splices in some references to Agatha Christie, murder mysteries, Jafar and Genie from Aladdin, and Luigi’s UP+B move in Super Smash Bros., among other things. The lyrics are really good on this track, but the vocal performance and the beat are what really make this song stand out.


“Index Direct,” the 8th track on Build Cypher Destroy, is a chill song with a chill beat and chill flows. The laid-back delivery Banquer has on this track makes those moments of reference to less calming material – looking at you, Super Smash Bros. – stand out not only for their shock value but also for the juxtaposition they provide. The ever-so-slight horrorcore influence on this specific track gives the right amount of unease, but the vibraphone in the beat calms the listener down to take in exactly what Banquer is saying. It’s quite extraordinary.

The best sonic reference in the beat is the aforementioned Super Smash Bros. reference. While most of the track is just the drums, bass, and vibraphone, Banquer splices in the sound effect of Luigi’s UP+B move after his lyrical reference. It fits in with the vibe perfectly, and it’s not distracting. It’s really cool how well it works.

If there was going to be a single from this album, it should be “Index Direct.” The flows are hypnotic, the beat is chill, and the lyrics are solid. It also serves as the perfect starting point for getting into Build Cypher Destroy. There’s not much more I can really say about it at this point.

Check out “Index Direct” below, and let us know what you think about Banquer!

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Andrew Gardner Administrator
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