Demi Lovato and Propeller Choose Love to help Ukraine.

Demi Lovato and Propeller ‘Choose Love’ to Help Ukraine

Demi Lovato is no longer dancing with the devil. Instead, Demi partnered up with digital marketing platform Propeller for the second time to launch a ‘Choose Love’ campaign in support of displaced Ukrainians. Demi is asking their fans for a tax deductible donation. This will place the fans in a contest and whoever wins will be able to go to the studio to hear Demi’s new music.

Demi is a major advocate for mental health, using their platform to help people in any way they can. They always speak out and bring awareness to topics they’re passionate about. ‘Choose Love’ is another way to bring awareness, especially with Demi’s huge following. Demi even has a ‘Choose Love’ tattoo.

Propeller creates social impact and focuses on a sustainable economy. Operating with fair transparency to acquire first party data to their partners. It collaborates with many high profile artists, non and for profit organizations, big events to produce meaningful campaigns. Propeller promotes positive changes and stands by their motto, “Do Good Stuff.” Propeller encourages activism by promoting petitions, voting and fundraising. It has also teamed up with Shawn Mendes on a previous project, now it’s Demi’s turn to make change.

The Choose Love organization provides humanitarian aid to more than 10 million Ukrainians that have been displaced from the Russian invasion. It provides food, rescue boats and any legal advice to refugees/displaced people. From Europe to the Middle East and the US-Mexican border, its work has reached over 1.8 million people. Choose Love supports over 250 fast-acting community organizations.

“Choose love -always. I’m inspired by the work Choose Love and their partners are doing to support displaced people around the world, including those fleeing Ukraine.”

Demi Lovato


All donations will help with more than 30 projects that provide aid to the citizens fleeing the country. This includes medical attention, shelter, food, legal support, clothing, mental health support and support for the LGBTQ+ community. All things that Demi Lovato has spoken up about. No wonder this organization is so important to her.

The Ukraine is in need of our help. If you would like to get involved or learn more about the movement visit the Choose Love website to stay updated on the project.

To donate to the Choose Love foundation-

Follow Propeller on Twitter and on Instagram to stay updated on all its projects.

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